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Guest post from BuyDRM: Studio-mandated multi-DRM in the cloud

Guest post by BuyDRM

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With the rise of the OTT platform as the dominant method of consumer video delivery, the major Hollywood studios have all moved to licensing models that require DRM for online premium video content. During the licensing process, operators are required to support multiple Digital Rights Management (multi-DRM) approaches in their video deployments. With more and more operators moving their video workflows to the cloud, KeyOS is at the ready with cloud-enabled DRM support. In this post we discuss how BuyDRM worked with AWS Elemental to integrate our DRM Platform with the AWS Elemental Media Services for both live and VOD content.

Using this integration, AWS Elemental MediaPackage and AWS Elemental MediaConvert securely acquire content encryption keys from the KeyOS platform via an API and use them to encrypt content. Upon playback, users acquire the license key directly from the KeyOS MultiKey service platform to their playback device via our license key API. Media customers rely on these cloud-based media workflows to encrypt live and file-based video content for delivery to consumers.

The KeyOS Platform is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) platform from BuyDRM that provides complete multi-DRM license key delivery for a variety of packaging formats to secure playback across a broad range of client devices. The KeyOS API integration with MediaConvert and MediaPackage provides customers with secure, scalable, standards-based solutions for protecting live and on-demand video workflows. MPEG-DASH content with Google Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady, HLS content with Apple FairPlay Streaming or Microsoft PlayReady, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming with Microsoft PlayReady are all supported.

Read more about the integration here:

In the video tutorial below, we cover the steps necessary to configure BuyDRM’s KeyOS multi-DRM platform with the AWS Elemental Media Services. We review roles and permissions needed to create and use AWS services. Additionally, we cover setting up the API within the AWS API Gateway (the API will act as a proxy between your AWS and BuyDRM services). Finally, we look at how to setup MediaConvert for creating DRM-protected MPEG-DASH and HLS VOD assets, as well as how to set up MediaPackage to protect your live streams.

Watch the video now:

For more information, see the detailed post with complete instructions:

Dan Gehred

Dan Gehred

Dan Gehred is an M&E Solutions Marketing Manager with AWS.