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MovieLabs releases the evolution of media creation, a vision of content production in 2030

MovieLabs and its member studios (Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Pictures and Television and Warner Bros. Entertainment) have published a white paper laying out a vision for the future of media creation technology some 10 years into the future. From the executive summary:

Within this document, MovieLabs and its member studios have laid out a bold vision for the future state of technology in filmmaking during the next 10 years, with a call to action for the industry to collaborate by appropriate means to achieve shared goals and continue to empower future storytellers and the creative community. We describe future technological advances that will enable seismic changes in media workflows with one objective in mind – to empower storytellers to tell more amazing stories while delivering at a speed and efficiency not possible today

AWS’s Media & Entertainment team had the opportunity to read the vision paper ahead of its publishing to provide our perspective. While the whole whitepaper is a great read, we particularly align with the ten foundational principles as laid out in the white paper:

  1. All assets are created or ingested straight into the cloud and do not need to be moved.
  2. Applications come to the media.
  3. Propagation and distribution of assets is a “publish” function.
  4. Archives are deep libraries with access policies matching speed, availability and security to the economics of the cloud.
  5. Preservation of digital assets includes the future means to access and edit them.
  6. Every individual on a project is identified and verified, and their access permissions are efficiently and consistently managed.
  7. All media creation happens in a highly secure environment that adapts rapidly to changing threats.
  8. Individual media elements are referenced, accessed, tracked and interrelated using a universal linking system.
  9. Media workflows are non-destructive and dynamically created using common interfaces, underlying data formats and metadata.
  10. Workflows are designed around real-time iteration and feedback.

MovieLabs invites stakeholders across the industry to read the white paper and work with them to deliver on the future of media creation and continue to empower some of the world’s best storytellers and the entire creative community.

Read the full Evolution of Media Creation from MovieLabs