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Improve governance and business agility using AWS Management and Governance videos – part 2

This blog post highlights newly published videos on the AWS Management and Governance YouTube channel that help you enable, provision, and operate your AWS environments effectively. The first part of this blog series was published last spring.

The objective of these video-based, hands-on solutions is to enable you to innovate faster while maintaining control over costs, compliance, and security. Let’s dive deep into the details for each of the Management and Governance use cases.

Configuration compliance and auditing

The following videos help you audit and remediate your resource configurations:

Monitoring and observability

The following videos help you improve the health of infrastructure and applications:

Centralized operations management

The following videos help you manage your operations on AWS:

Provisioning and orchestration

The following videos help you build, provision, and share AWS resources:

Enterprise governance and control

The following videos help you establish a centrally managed, secure, multi-account AWS environment:

This list keeps growing as we include new solutions that solve our customers’ challenges. Subscribe to our AWS Management and Governance YouTube channel to get updates when  new videos are added. Happy learning!


About the Authors

Harshitha Putta is a Cloud Infrastructure Architect with AWS Professional Services in Seattle, WA. She is passionate about building innovative solutions using AWS services to help customers achieve their business objectives. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing board games and hiking.