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Getting started with myApplications for Terraform-managed applications

AWS customers often operate hundreds of applications and have to monitor and manage individual resources to make sure their applications are available, secure, cost-optimized, and performing optimally. In this blog post, we will walk through how to use Terraform to create an application for use with myApplications, add resources to new and existing applications, and strategies for scaling application management using Terraform.

Enabling Self Service for Cloud Custodian policies on AWS using AWS Service Catalog

Customers are increasingly seeking tools and solutions that can help them achieve their desired outcomes more efficiently and effectively. In the context of cloud management, the need for self-service capabilities has become more pronounced as organizations strive to optimize their cloud resources, improve security, and enhance their overall cloud operations. AWS Service Catalog offers the […]

Streamline Platform Engineering using AWS CodeStar Connections with AWS Service Catalog

Introduction AWS Service Catalog and AWS CloudFormation now support Git-sync capabilities to allow Platform Engineers to streamline their DevOps processes by keeping their Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates in their source control libraries like GitHub and BitBucket. These enhancements help Platform Engineers to more effectively create, version, and manage their Well-Architected patterns with application teams […]

Self-service Account Provisioning Using AWS Service Management Connector for ServiceNow

Many customers are looking to adopt a multi-account strategy within their AWS environment. This allows customers to isolate their workloads into different environments including test, dev, and production in addition to separating workloads based on regulatory requirements. As customers scale their multi-account environments, one strategy to increase agility is to offer business units their own […]

Provision sandbox accounts with budget limits to reduce costs using AWS Control Tower

Provision sandbox accounts with budget limits to reduce costs using AWS Control Tower

Many Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers struggle to keep cloud costs under control while allowing employees to innovate and develop their AWS skills. We talk to technology leaders every day who rank controlling cloud spend among their top concerns. Those same leaders don’t want to stifle innovation or restrict employee’s ability to learn AWS. Using […]

Report and visualize your AWS Service Catalog estate

AWS Service Catalog allows organizations to create and manage catalog of IT services that are approved for use on AWS. These IT services can include everything from virtual machine images, servers, software, and databases to complete multi-tier application architectures. In addition, organizations can centrally manage deployed IT services, applications, resources, and metadata. This helps you […]

How Organon used AWS Service Management Connector to provision AWS resources from Service Now across multiple AWS accounts.

Organon has been exploring Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide a simple, efficient way to their end users to easily provision cloud infrastructure across multiple accounts and regions. Additionally, they needed to ensure security, management, governance and compliance on the AWS services to follow GxP regulations. Organon uses ServiceNow as the enterprise IT Service Management […]

AWS Service Catalog Account Factory-Enhanced

Many enterprise customers who use AWS Control Tower to create accounts want an uncomplicated way to extend the next steps in the account creation process. These next steps cover common business use cases, including creating networks, security profiles, governance, and compliance. Executing these processes for every new account created manually is cumbersome and challenging to […]

Simplifying Self Service with AWS Service Catalog Principal Name Sharing

Many of our customers use AWS Service Catalog for governance of their infrastructure as code (IaC) templates and self-service provisioning for a variety of use cases, from customizing multi-account environments to launching data science and development workloads. The self-service use case becomes very appealing when customer need to scale across an organization with tens to […]

Create speech-enabled products using AWS Service Catalog and Amazon Polly

In this post, we’ll show how enterprises can use AWS Service Catalog to create AWS Service Catalog products based on AWS machine learning (ML) services, such as Amazon Polly and Amazon Rekognition. These products are packaged in AWS Service Catalog portfolios that customers can use for their use cases. These portfolios can generate revenue for […]