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How to secure infrequently used EC2 instances with AWS Systems Manager

Many organizations have predictable spikes in the usage of their applications and services. For example, retailers see large spikes in usage during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The beauty of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is that it allows customers to quickly scale up their compute power to meet these demands. However, some customers […]

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How Cloudticity Automates Security Patches for Linux and Windows using Amazon EC2 Systems Manager and AWS Step Functions

This guest post was written by Uri Katsir, AWS Architect at Cloudticity, and Thomas Zinn, Project Manager at Cloudticity. As a provider of HIPAA-compliant solutions using AWS, Cloudticity always has security as the base of everything we do. HIPAA breaches would be an end-of-life event for most of our customers. Having been born in the […]

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