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Event Driven Architecture using Amazon EventBridge – Part 2

Event Driven Architecture using Amazon EventBridge – Part 2

This post is co-authored with Andy Suarez and Kevin Breton (from KnowBe4). This blog post continues the discussion from Event-Driven Architecture using Amazon EventBridge – Part 1. The previous post covered the adoption and design of an event-driven architecture by KnowBe4, a leading security awareness training provider. In this post, we highlight the development and […]

Optimize your cloud deployments with Prioritized Trusted Advisor recommendations in your operational workflows

AWS Trusted Advisor Priority helps you focus on the most important recommendations for optimizing your cloud deployments, improving resilience, and addressing security gaps. As an AWS Enterprise Support customer, you gain access to prioritized and context-driven recommendations, curated both by your AWS account team and machine-generated checks from AWS services. Note: AWS Trusted Advisor Priority […]

Event Driven Architecture using Amazon EventBridge - Part 1

Event Driven Architecture using Amazon EventBridge – Part 1

This post is co-authored with Andy Suarez and Kevin Breton (from KnowBe4). For any successful growing organization, there comes a point when the technical architecture struggles to meet the demands of an expanding and interconnected business environment. The increasing complexity and technical debt in legacy systems create pain points that constrain innovation. To overcome these […]

How EverQuote Underwent a Serverless Transformation using AWS

This post is co-written with Conor Teer, Senior Software Engineer, at EverQuote, David Kelly, Principal Software Engineer at EverQuote, and Mark O’Connell, SVP of Engineering at EverQuote. EverQuote is a leading online insurance marketplace that helps protect life’s most important assets- family, property, and future by simplifying the experience of shopping for insurance, making it […]

Integrate AWS Support with Amazon Connect to receive critical outbound voice notifications

Notifications for critical AWS Support cases are essential to ensure that issues that affect your workloads are addressed quickly. AWS Support sends email notifications automatically when support cases are newly created or updated in your AWS accounts, and they can be viewed in AWS Support Center, or the AWS Managed Services (AMS) console for customers […]

How to centralize CloudWatch Alarms with Amazon EventBridge and AWS CloudFormation

Amazon CloudWatch lets customers collect monitoring and operational data in the form of logs, metrics, and events, providing an easy way to monitor and receive notifications regarding their workload health and often integrate directly with other systems, such as JIRA Service Desk and ServiceNow. The CloudWatch alarms feature lets you monitor CloudWatch metrics and receive […]

Achieve domain consistency in event-driven architectures

Application modernization is an important and growing migration strategy for many businesses. Most applications begin as a monolith, focusing on a specific business use case. As businesses grow, so does the complexity and number of business use-cases that their monoliths must support. This causes monolith application components to be tightly coupled and less cohesive, making […]

Using Tag-Based Filtering to Manage AWS Health Monitoring and Alerting at Scale

AWS provides customers regular updates of service notifications and planned activities via e-mail to the root account owners or the operational, security and billing contacts. AWS also provides granular notifications to customers via AWS Health allowing them to fine-tune their alerts on issues relating directly to them. Alongside Health Dashboard’s monitoring capabilities, customers can also […]

Auto-remediate best practice deviations detected by AWS Trusted Advisor

AWS Trusted Advisor inspects your AWS infrastructure and provides best practice recommendations when opportunities exist to reduce cost, optimize your AWS infrastructure, improve system availability and performance, help close security gaps and monitor service quotas. Trusted Advisor recommendations are based on best practices identified by AWS services experts and learnings from serving thousands of customers […]

Strategizing Mainframe Scheduler Migration to AWS

Mainframe environments typically involve complex batch processing tasks used for critical and time-sensitive business operations. As mainframe applications are migrated to AWS using  AWS Mainframe Modernization service, similar batch processing capabilities are required. This blog explores the approach and patterns for selection and migration of the mainframe job scheduler to AWS. Overview AWS Mainframe Modernization […]