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AWS Managed Services Accelerate Operations Launch

AWS Managed Services (AMS) Accelerate is a new cloud operations offer that helps customers achieve operational excellence regardless of where they are in their cloud journey. Accelerate can operate all types of workloads running in AWS while giving customers complete freedom to use all AWS services. Accelerate uses AWS services for operations and security, such […]

Strategies for consolidating AWS environments

Organizations undergoing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are looking for ways to simplify and standardize the governance of their AWS cloud environments. M&As can become complex as different IT departments between the acquirer and the acquiree attempt to merge and operate as a single entity. Customers are increasingly using multiple accounts within an organization built and […]

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Reinventing automated operations (Part II)

The first post in this series, Reinventing automated operations (Part I), covered the importance of operations in the cloud and how deferring the creation of an operations plan can slow down your migration. In this post, I’ll share the primary mechanism of iterative improvement (aka flywheel) that AWS Managed Services (AMS) uses to increase operational […]