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Introducing AWS Audit Manager Common Controls Library

AWS Audit Manager introduced the AWS common controls library to help Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) teams efficiently map their enterprise controls into Audit Manager for evidence collection. The common controls library provides customers with a simpler way to collect evidence that supports overlapping controls across multiple compliance standards, streamlining the evidence collection process, reducing […]

Solving License Management Challenges during Mergers & Acquisitions with AWS License Manager

The purpose of this blog is to provide guidance on how AWS License Manager can solve common license management challenges faced by organizations during Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). In Deloitte’s white paper “Making a ‘poison pill” easier to swallow: How to manage M&A-related software licensing costs and compliance risks”, Deloitte highlights three major obstacles faced […]

Best practices to optimize costs after mergers and acquisitions with AWS Organizations

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) offer organizations the opportunity to scale operations, diversify product lines, and capture new markets. However, they come with a set of challenges, such as the nuances of integrating legacy IT systems, complying with stringent regulations, and maintaining business continuity, etc. Eliminating the redundancy of resources and optimizing processes to bring consistency […]

Alarm Context Tool Architecture Diagram

Respond to CloudWatch Alarms with Amazon Bedrock Insights

Overview When operating complex, distributed systems in the cloud, quickly identifying the root cause of issues and resolving incidents can be a daunting task. Troubleshooting often involves sifting through metrics, logs, and traces from multiple AWS services, making it challenging to gain a comprehensive understanding of the problem. So how can you streamline this process […]

Three Easy Steps to Make your Product More Accessible

Three Easy Steps to Make Your Product More Accessible

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD); a day of awareness intended to draw attention to accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities around the world. It is a perfect time to reflect on the importance of accessibility in the cloud. At Amazon Web Services (AWS), our guiding principle of customer obsession extends to our […]

Automating Alerts for AWS Global Network Performance

Have your applications hosted on AWS ever experienced inter-Region or inter-Availability Zone (AZ) latency and you wanted to be proactively notified on these latency changes? This blog post describes an automated mechanism to set up those alarms. AWS has introduced the ability to understand the performance of the AWS Global Network by introducing Infrastructure Performance, […]

Streamline Platform Engineering using AWS CodeStar Connections with AWS Service Catalog

Introduction AWS Service Catalog and AWS CloudFormation now support Git-sync capabilities to allow Platform Engineers to streamline their DevOps processes by keeping their Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates in their source control libraries like GitHub and BitBucket. These enhancements help Platform Engineers to more effectively create, version, and manage their Well-Architected patterns with application teams […]

Enhance your AWS cloud infrastructure security with AWS Managed Services (AMS)

Introduction A security or data loss incident can lead to both financial and reputational losses. Maintaining security and compliance is a shared responsibility between AWS and you (our customer), where AWS is responsible for “Security of the Cloud” and you are responsible for “Security in the Cloud”. However, security in the cloud has a much […]

Optimize AWS Resource Management with Tag Inventory Reports leveraging AWS Resource Explorer

Customers are increasingly seeking an efficient solution to manage their expanding AWS resources, spanning AWS accounts and Regions, amidst changes like mergers, acquisitions, and cloud migrations. AWS Tags offer an effective solution for organizing, identifying, and filtering resources by categorizing them based on criteria such as purpose, owner, or environment. AWS customers would like to […]

Measure Transformation through the Cloud Adoption Lens

Measure Transformation through the Cloud Adoption lens

Introduction Business and technology teams often measure Digital Transformation and use a financial metric as the yardstick of success. This is an output focused approach, for example – if you migrate applications as-is to the cloud and reduce costs, businesses will approve more similar migrations. However, organizations need to take a comprehensive approach and include […]