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Planning Migrations to successfully incorporate Generative AI

The recent rise of generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) solutions presents challenges to migrations that are in flight and to migrations that are just beginning. The business problem is that generative AI complicates cloud migrations by introducing additional risks related to data isolation, data sharing, and service costs. For example, the US Space Force has […]

Modernizing Account Management with Amazon Bedrock and AWS Control Tower

Introduction The integration of Generative AI into cloud governance transforms AWS account management into a more automated and efficient process. Leveraging the generative AI capabilities of Amazon Bedrock alongside tools such as AWS Control Tower and Account Factory for Terraform (AFT), organizations can now expedite the AWS account setup and management process, aligning with best […]

Automate the creation of AWS Support cases using Amazon CloudWatch alarms and Amazon Bedrock

Automate the creation of AWS Support cases using Amazon CloudWatch alarms and Amazon Bedrock

For production applications, the Mean-Time-To-Recovery (MTTR) is critical. In line with this, AWS offers Business, Enterprise On-Ramp and Enterprise support plans where AWS customers can benefit from shorter response time for cases related to production and business critical workloads. However, without having an automated way to notify AWS support, creating a case is a manual […]

Monitoring Generative AI applications using Amazon Bedrock and Amazon CloudWatch integration

Amazon Bedrock is an easy way to build and scale generative AI applications with foundation models (FMs). As a fully managed service, it offers a choice of high-performing FMs from leading AI companies including AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, Stability AI, and Amazon. It also offers a broad set of capabilities needed to build generative […]