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Auditing generative AI workloads with AWS CloudTrail

With the emergence of generative AI being incorporated into every aspect of how we utilize technology, a common question that customers are asking is how to properly audit generative AI services on AWS, such as Amazon Bedrock, Amazon Sagemaker, Amazon Q Developer, and Amazon Q Business. In this post, we will demonstrate common scenarios that […]

Modernizing Account Management with Amazon Bedrock and AWS Control Tower

Introduction The integration of Generative AI into cloud governance transforms AWS account management into a more automated and efficient process. Leveraging the generative AI capabilities of Amazon Bedrock alongside tools such as AWS Control Tower and Account Factory for Terraform (AFT), organizations can now expedite the AWS account setup and management process, aligning with best […]

Accelerating Blue/Green Deployments with AWS MGN Post-Launch Actions

Customers are becoming more aware of the benefits of migrating to AWS in a world increasingly pivoting towards cloud adoption. A recent whitepaper by IDC found that customers who migrate to AWS can experience a 51% reduction in the cost of operations, a 62% increase in IT staff productivity, and a 94% reduction in downtime. […]