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Get Disk Utilization of Your Fleet Using AWS Systems Manager Custom Inventory Types

Get Disk Utilization of Your Fleet Using AWS Systems Manager Custom Inventory Types

Some of my customers need assistance while operating their Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) infrastructure. They need to: Review the disk usage of various volumes/ disks within an EC2 instance. To do it in a scalable way, one does not need to access the instance either through a Remote Desktop Session (RDP) or use […]

Enabling Self Service for Cloud Custodian policies on AWS using AWS Service Catalog

Customers are increasingly seeking tools and solutions that can help them achieve their desired outcomes more efficiently and effectively. In the context of cloud management, the need for self-service capabilities has become more pronounced as organizations strive to optimize their cloud resources, improve security, and enhance their overall cloud operations. AWS Service Catalog offers the […]

Planning Migrations to successfully incorporate Generative AI

The recent rise of generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) solutions presents challenges to migrations that are in flight and to migrations that are just beginning. The business problem is that generative AI complicates cloud migrations by introducing additional risks related to data isolation, data sharing, and service costs. For example, the US Space Force has […]

How EverQuote Underwent a Serverless Transformation using AWS

This post is co-written with Conor Teer, Senior Software Engineer, at EverQuote, David Kelly, Principal Software Engineer at EverQuote, and Mark O’Connell, SVP of Engineering at EverQuote. EverQuote is a leading online insurance marketplace that helps protect life’s most important assets- family, property, and future by simplifying the experience of shopping for insurance, making it […]

Disaster Recovery (DR) Failover to the Disconnected Edge

Disaster Recovery (DR) Failover to the Disconnected Edge

Introduction Many enterprises rely on AWS to host the entirety of their infrastructure due to the inherent advantages of cloud computing. However, some enterprises operate mission critical workloads from remote areas at an increased risk to lose external network connectivity. For instance, a research facility located in a remote desert, an oil rig in international […]

Using Puppet to automate AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery for Amazon EC2 instances at scale

Customers improve their disaster recovery posture with automation. Automation reduces the operational overhead of managing source servers and automatically implementing your disaster recovery strategy. AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery replicates your servers, such as Amazon EC2 instances. In the case of a disaster, you can use AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery to recover your application servers. It […]

Scaling GitHub usage with AWS

Introduction Customers that migrate on-premises enterprise applications to AWS often look for guidance on how to migrate GitHub to AWS. Customers find it challenging to scale as they are constrained by on premises GitHub infrastructure. Organisations that run Github on AWS can get up and running quickly. GitHub on AWS enables teams to collaborate efficiently […]

Using Lambda-backed Custom Resources to Reduce Overhead in a Multi-Account Environment

Using Lambda-backed Custom Resources to Reduce Overhead in a Multi-Account Environment

Introduction Many of my customers use AWS CloudFormation to streamline provisioning operations for AWS and third-party resources, that they describe with code in JSON- or YAML-formatted CloudFormation templates. Some workloads require custom logic or inputs beyond standard parameter values. For these scenarios, an often overlooked and useful CloudFormation feature lies in AWS Lambda-backed custom resources. With Lambda-backed custom […]

How World Kinect Corporation migrated their Oracle E-Business Suite Applications to AWS

Contributions from Paul Wright, Leader in Database and middleware Services at World Kinect Corporation  Introduction With the advancement in maturity and breadth of cloud solutions, an increasing number of enterprises are choosing to embark on migrating their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to the cloud. ERP systems sit at the heart of many digital transformation initiatives because […]

Increase visibility and governance on cloud with AWS Cloud Operations services – Part 2

Introduction This blog post is a continuation of Part 1. To recap, as your organization adopts AWS, you will likely leverage multi-account architectures to meet your requirements. We introduced some foundational patterns to prepare the environments for centralized operations and governance using AWS Cloud Operations services. In this blog (Part 2), we will show you […]