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AWS Networking and Content Delivery Recap of re:Invent 2021

Happy 2022 AWS Networking & Content Delivery enthusiasts! In December 2021, AWS hosted its 10th annual re:Invent conference. The Networking & Content Delivery team had 14 unique breakout sessions that were recorded and can be found on this playlist. In addition to these sessions, the Networking team had a leadership session presented by David Brown, […]

Implement a central ingress Application Load Balancer supporting private Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service VPCs

Introduction Many organizations deploy Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) clusters into Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environments with direct access to the internet and to other VPCs. Connectivity between the VPC hosting the Amazon EKS cluster and other VPCs is typically created using routed networking services, such as VPC Peering or AWS Transit Gateway. […]

AWS Global Accelerator Custom Routing with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

AWS Global Accelerator is a networking service that for your end users will improve the internet performance and availability by using Amazon Web Service’s global network infrastructure. There are workloads such as multiplayer gaming, VoIP, virtual classrooms (EdTech), video collaboration and social media applications that require the application logic to assign multiple users to a […]

Using VPC Flow Logs to capture and query EKS network communications

Introduction Capturing and querying Amazon EKS and Kubernetes (K8s) cluster traffic is an important skill to possess. It is especially useful during incident-response and when troubleshooting networking issues surrounding nodes, pods, or services in your cluster. Amazon makes it easier to perform capture and query tasks with Amazon VPC Flow Logs and Amazon Athena. Administrators can use Amazon VPC Flow Logs to […]