Networking & Content Delivery

AWS Networking and Content Delivery Recap of re:Invent 2021

Happy 2022 AWS Networking & Content Delivery enthusiasts! In December 2021, AWS hosted its 10th annual re:Invent conference. The Networking & Content Delivery team had 14 unique breakout sessions that were recorded and can be found on this playlist. In addition to these sessions, the Networking team had a leadership session presented by David Brown, the VP of Amazon EC2 and four service launches, which are detailed in this blog.

Leadership Session

AWS Networking: Making all workloads possible – In this session, David Brown reviews the progress AWS made in the last year across networking and content delivery solutions, which are designed to be the most secure of any cloud provider, have the highest network availability, deliver consistent high performance, and have the broadest global coverage. He also discusses new capabilities and how AWS customers are using our networking services to build on the AWS network for all workloads.

Breakout Sessions

To watch any of the 2021 Networking re:Invent sessions, you can refer to the list below which has all of the sessions categorized under their respective use cases:

To access any of the presentation decks for the above sessions, check the AWS Events Content page.


During re:Invent, we launched four new major capabilities. Below is a list of each service and its announcement or introductory blog which provides links to other service resources:

  1. AWS Cloud WAN is a managed wide area networking (WAN) service that makes it easy for you to build, manage, and monitor a global network that connects resources running across your cloud and on-premises environments.“
  2. AWS Direct Connect SiteLink is a new feature that makes it easy to send data from one Direct Connect location to another, bypassing AWS Regions.
  3. Amazon VPC IP Address Manager (IPAM) is a new feature that makes it easier for you to plan, track, and monitor IP addresses for your AWS workloads.
  4. Amazon VPC Network Access Analyzer is a new feature that enables you to identify network configurations that lead to unintended network access