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Human trafficking can end: Fix This Podcast January round up

TFix This episode 5: human trafficking can endhis month, the Fix This podcast focused on how technology can be used to end human trafficking. To raise awareness of the issue, we interviewed leaders who are committed to finding solutions to the problem.

Listen to episodes five and six now, featuring interviews with Thorn, Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), The Freedom Seal, and Unseen UK.

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Dive deepFix This episode 6: quest to end modern slavery

Human trafficking isn’t an isolated problem—it spans across the entire globe with estimates as high as 40 million victims every year according to the United Nations.

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. This month on the podcast, we took a deep dive into modern day slavery to learn what it looks like, who it impacts, and how technology like the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud can play a critical role in the quest to end human trafficking.

In episode five, we chatted with Sarah Gardner, director of development at Thorn, about how the organization uses Amazon Rekognition to keep children across the US safe. And, we caught up with Hannah Darnton, program manager of ethics, technology, and human rights at BSR, about the Tech Against Trafficking initiative. Tech Against Trafficking brings together some of the largest technology organizations together with a common mission of ending human trafficking.

Listen to Fix This episode 5, “Human trafficking can end”:

In episode six, we spoke with Rani Hong, chief executive officer of The Freedom Seal, about how corporate transparency and responsibility can help organizations stay true to their mission while also eliminating forced labor from their supply chains. Andrew Wallis, CEO of Unseen, shares how data is at the center of the solution to end modern slavery.

Listen to Fix This episode 6, “Quest to end modern slavery”:

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