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The Future of Policing: Not the Robocop Hollywood Imagined

As the technology landscape of state and local government agencies continues to grow and evolve, so does its dependency on cloud computing. Among the agencies most affected by this advancement are the 17,958 state and local law enforcement agencies across the United States. According to a survey conducted by the Department of Homeland Security and Major City Chiefs, 94% of these agencies have deployed or are in the process of deploying body worn cameras to first responders, resulting in thousands of hours of recorded video each day. This sudden influx of data will have a significant impact on the technology systems in place, since much of the agencies’ legacy hardware is not capable of scaling to meet these requirements.

While the future of law enforcement does not include invincible robots, it is data-driven and technologically advanced. The true future of policing is collecting and analyzing data provided by officers and first responders. Through this data, agencies are transforming the way that they operate, allowing officers better access to information, saving critical time, and ultimately, protecting the citizen. The cloud allows public safety organizations to increase agility, scale based on need, compile and organize data, and drive innovation to protect the regions they serve.

AWS leverages a dynamic partner ecosystem to deliver innovative solutions to its customers. For example, Appriss, the creator of the Victim Information Notification Everyday (VINE) platform, compiles and analyzes data to identify fraud, manage risk, and monitor persons of interest. By systematically monitoring thousands of persons of interest at a time, law enforcement agencies can stay ahead of crime, save valuable time and resources, and notify citizens of potential danger through social media and mobile applications. Through their MobilePatrol application, police agencies have received nearly 7,000 crime tips, many of which led to arrests.

Another example is Utility Inc, a leader in body camera technology. They have developed the BodyWorn technology many public safety agencies are adopting. Through video automation, cameras automatically record based on triggers, such as geography, biometrics, and physical activity, which allows officers to focus on the task at hand. With real-time wireless video offload and high-speed video and data communications, officers can connect with dispatchers, deliver vital information, and allow for an accurate assessment of danger and immediate suspect identification.

For over 10 years, AWS has developed 70+ services to support virtually any cloud workload. By leveraging AWS’s platform in conjunction with its extensive partner network, public safety agencies are able to organize resources for greater coverage in high crime areas and drive proactive policing activities and situational awareness.

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