Amazon Web Services (AWS) is dedicated to building programs and services suitable for use by the Justice and Public Safety community. Whether in law enforcement, emergency management, corrections or courts, AWS has the capability and resources to address this community's unique IT needs and AWS meets the needs of the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) standard. From body-worn camera solutions to architecting a CJIS secure environment, AWS can help you tackle public safety data needs at every stage of the journey to the cloud. By combining the secure and flexible AWS infrastructure with the breadth of our specialized partner solutions, we are confident we can help our customers across the industry succeed in their missions.

To learn more about automating security and compliance on AWS check out the AWS Security Blog.  

AWS services support customer CJIS requirements by addressing the CJIS Security Policy Areas. AWS infrastructure and services have been reviewed by state and federal law enforcement agencies, which confirm AWS’s competence in supporting customer CJIS workloads.

Many customers that manage sensitive data – including law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations -- are comfortable deploying workloads on AWS GovCloud (US) as the region is explicitly designed to meet unique compliance needs associated with sensitive workloads. Beyond the assurance programs available to all commercial regions, AWS GovCloud (US) allows customers at the state, local and federal level to adhere to ITAR, FedRamp/FISMA High and DoD SRG impact levels 2, 4 and 5.


By moving to the AWS Cloud, the UK Ministry of Justice (MoJ) can use technology to enhance the effectiveness and fairness of the services it provides to British citizens. MoJ had its own on-premises data center, but lacked the ability to change and adapt rapidly to needs of the citizens. As more digital services were created, MoJ turned to AWS to automate, consolidate, and deliver constituent services.

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"Crime lab analysts can use our system on a tablet or PC wherever they are, because it’s based on the AWS Cloud. They no longer have to sit down at a desk and try to fill out worksheets."

Ryan Parthemore

Founding Partner, PDEvidence

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Richmond Police dept

"Multiple teams in our department can access up-to-date crime report and case data in Mark43 RMS all day, every day, because it is based on AWS."

Sgt. Timothy Gard

Richmond Police Department

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25. Mark43  600x4_2

"Because our solution takes advantage of the reliability and flexibility of AWS, it gives police officers the ability to very quickly create and share reports. Ultimately, that helps put officers on the streets faster."

Kevin Fray

Lead Solutions Architect, Mark43

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Powered by AWS, these companies are leading the drive to innovate for and with law enforcement agencies. To learn how AWS and its partners are helping agencies reduce data costs, improve access, and focus on their missions, download the e-book now.