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How to test drive Amazon Elastic File System

Many customers are excited about Amazon EFS because it makes it easy to run a highly scalable, highly available, and highly durable shared file system in the cloud. Within seconds, you can create an NFSv4 compliant file system and mount it to multiple (up to thousands of) Amazon EC2 instances or on-premises servers. Amazon EFS […]

Turbocharge Amazon S3 with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

Authored by Michael Labib, Principal Architect, AWS Solutions Architecture with contribution from Sabrinath Rao, Amazon S3 product manager Amazon S3 is the persistent store for applications such as data lakes, media catalogs, and website-related content. These applications often have latency requirements of 10 ms or less, with frequent object requests on 1–10% of the total stored […]

Welcome to the AWS Storage Blog

Welcome to the AWS Storage Blog! This blog covers AWS storage and data transfer services and will help you learn how to optimize your use of AWS for cloud storage use cases and help you uncover new ones. We will cover topics that include deep dives on features and services, technical best practices, insights from […]