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Streamline and automate compliance monitoring and reporting with AWS Backup Audit Manager

Organizations meet business and regulatory requirements by having visibility and control over backup environments. You want a streamlined solution to continuously monitor, detect, and track policy drifts across your backup deployments at scale. This need is driven by the growing complexity of AWS environments, the proliferation of data across diverse AWS services and regions, and […]

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Application-consistent backup for Windows application on Amazon EC2 with AWS Backup

Many users rely on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes to run their business critical Microsoft Windows-based workloads on AWS. These critical applications often span across multiple EBS volumes attached to EC2 instances. To make sure of the integrity and recovery of such vital workloads, users […]

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Optimizing AWS Backup costs

The threat of ransomware has placed data protection front and center as a top priority for all businesses. The Sophos State of Ransomware Report 2023 reported that 66% of organizations were impacted in 2022 with a median ransomware payout of $400,000 (average pay out of $1.54 million). With the median recovery cost of using backups […]

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Designing a resilient and cost-effective backup strategy for Amazon S3

Many organizations are protecting important business data against disasters like fires, floods or ransomware events. Proper backup and disaster recovery strategies can help safeguard critical data and ensure business continuity in a disaster scenario. Maintaining normal operations in a disaster recovery situation can save time and money. AWS services like Amazon S3 and AWS Backup […]

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Automate the delivery of AWS Backup Audit Manager reports via email

Business continuity and disaster recovery plans include having a backup strategy for application workloads, whether on-premises or in Cloud. Furthermore, organizations need efficient methods to actively monitor their data protection posture and detect any failure for remediation while meeting the required recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) for the business. One efficient […]

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Streamlining Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR) for Amazon Aurora with AWS Backup

Customers expect database solutions to be both scalable and equipped with robust recovery mechanisms to address unexpected data disruptions. Unintentional transactions or system failures can impact the business. Recovering to a specific point-in-time with point-in-time-recovery (PITR) is indispensable for some customers with critical workloads or compliance requirements AWS Backup simplifies protecting Amazon Aurora databases with […]

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Protecting data with AWS Backup Vault Lock

With ransomware a top concern for customers, backups are essential to data recovery and business continuity. Customers want a simple method, preferably in a user console, for enabling immutability for backup vaults holding the encrypted data copy. The write-once, read-many (WORM) model applied to backup data provides immutability to recover from accidental or malicious deletions. […]

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Introducing AWS Backup logically air-gapped vault

Data loss events from ransomware or account compromise remain a top concern for customers. One customer need during a service restore is sharing recovery points stored in AWS Backup with other accounts, including cross organization, for faster direct restore. Additionally, customers need to maintain access to the original AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) Customer […]

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Best practices for data lake protection with AWS Backup

Data lakes, powered by Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), provide organizations with the availability, agility, and flexibility required for modern analytics approaches to gain deeper insights. Protecting sensitive or business-critical information stored in these S3 buckets is a high priority for organizations. AWS Backup for Amazon S3 makes it easier to centrally automate the […]

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Simplifying operations for VMware workloads using AWS Backup and VMware Cloud on AWS

Customers use VMware to power their business critical applications on premises. As they adopt cloud, they leverage VMware Cloud on AWS as a vehicle to migrate without refactoring their applications. Customers will still need to protect their application data, provide disaster recovery from events, and migrate data if needed. For a large-scale migration with limited […]