Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL database service that delivers consistent, single-digit millisecond latency at any scale.  DynamoDB provides the performance and availability you need to create real-time bidding (RTB) platforms and recommendation engines.

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How AdRoll Lowers Costs with AWS (7:42)

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AWS Architecture Case Study: Real-Time Bidding
Tom Maddox, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is a service offered by advertising networks to agencies. The agencies decide on the value of advertising opportunities in real-time and bid accordingly on behalf of their advertising clients. Typically the window of opportunity for bids to be calculated from provided consumer details (e.g. cookies) and then submitted is 100ms.  View the Slides »

Real-time Data Processing with Amazon DynamoDB Streams and AWS Lambda
Vyom Nagrani, Sr. Product Manager, AWS Lambda

DynamoDB Streams is a feature of DynamoDB that allows you to access a stream of all changes made to your DynamoDB tables in the last rolling 24 hours. You can use AWS Lambda to process event data generated from a DynamoDB Stream. We will cover key Amazon DynamoDB Streams and AWS Lambda features, walk through sample use cases for real-time data processing, and best practices on using the services together. We'll then set up Amazon DynamoDB Streams and an associated Lambda function to capture and perform custom computations on database table updates, all without setting up any infrastructure. View the Slides »

AdRoll Uses AWS to Serve 50 Billion Daily Ad Impressions (3:16)

Amazon AppStream - New Gaming Experiences Using the Clouds for Game Streaming

Beating the Speed of Light with Your Infrastructure in AWS (44:48)

Amazon AppStream - New Gaming Experiences Using the Clouds for Game Streaming

You can be up and running with Amazon DynamoDB in minutes with our Getting Started Guide.  Below are additional resources to help you launch your real-time bidding (RTB) solution on AWS:

  • Building a Real-Time Bidding Platform on AWS (Whitepaper): This whitepaper helps architects, engineers, advertisers, and developers understand real-time bidding (RTB) and the services available in AWS that can be used for RTB. This paper will showcase the RTB platform reference architecture used by customers today, as well as provide additional resources to get started with building an RTB platform on AWS. Read more »
  • Real-Time Ad Impression Bids Using DynamoDB (Jeff Barr, AWS Blog): "Amazon DynamoDB is specifically designed to offer consistent low-latency performance at high scale, making it a great fit for RTB systems that need to quickly access information like cookie profile data." Read more »
  • Ad Serving with DynamoDB (Reference Architecture): DynamoDB is an essential part of your ad serving infrastructure, leveraging click-through data and analysis. See the diagram »

From PostgreSQL to DynamoDB (Brad Van Vugt, sendwithus blog, May 1st)
"Our tables contained hundreds of millions of rows. Our indexes were growing exponentially and no longer fit in memory. Our write throughput was constantly bumping up against the maximum for a single database instance." Read more »