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AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners validated through the AWS Service Delivery Program have developed the offerings listed below to help you adopt and implement our services at scale. These AWS Partner offerings have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success.




Since being founded in 2014, Brillio is a digitally native company and has been focused on delivering design-led solutions for customers. Brillio's expertise in cloud-based services helps customers plan for their cloud journey and embark on their digital transformation journey.

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As an active and experienced AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Cloudreach does not just deliver strategy, planning, implementation and business transformation, but also invests heavily in operational services and operations capabilities to sustain performance and service quality for our customers.

They operate using an innovative competency based offering, covering Cloud Data Centre, Application Innovation, e-Commerce, Digital Estates, Data Analytics, Cloud Adoption and Cloud Service Line. Cloudreach has delivered a large number of projects to customers in North America and Europe, many of them heavily rely on AWS Systems Manager for delivering their services to end users.

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Cloudticity relies heavily on AWS Systems Manager to perform various server management tasks. Having the ability to run Amazon Athena queries on the data that AWS Systems Manager reports is extremely useful.

Since Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances can come and go automatically, it is vital to maintaining a constant inventory of managed instances. By exporting the AWS Systems Manager Inventory data to Amazon Simple Storage Service, Cloudticity can run a daily query to produce a report of all running Amazon EC2 instances and determine if the instance has the AWS Systems Manager agent installed.

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CloudHealth Technologies

CloudHeatlh, the recognized worldwide leader in the growing Cloud Service Management industry, provides integrated reporting, recommendations and active policy management. CloudHealth integrates with AWS Systems Manager to gather local configuration, usage, and performance data which it uses for Rightsizing analysis, zombie infrastructure detection, and performance policies and alerts. CloudHealth integrates with AWS Systems Manager using the Query API.

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Cloudnexa is dedicated to helping clients achieve their business and IT objectives utilizing AWS. Leverage its deep expertise in delivering scalable, secure, cost effective cloud infrastructures across public and government clouds. Cloudnexa's team of certified experts help customers realize the true cost savings and technical value proposition of AWS.

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Flux7 is a Premier AWS Consulting Partner with over 150 projects focusing on Devops and Cloud Management. Leveraging AWS Management tools, Flux7 helps customers develop agile cloud operations and ensures DevOps practices are embedded into the foundation of business infrastructure.

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Ibexlabs supports businesses by building scalable, agile, and innovative infrastructure through AWS and DevOps technology.

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Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi Vantara was one of the earliest AWS Consulting Partners to adopt AWS Systems Manager to improve our patching process. Before the launch of Systems Manager, REAN Cloud (now part of Hitachi Vantara) had a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) had a built-in bakery process that was a series of steps implemented using a variety of third party tools.

These handled the automation of patching, but it was a time consuming and fragile process that was prone to errors. It was also difficult to maintain separate pipelines and jobs for Windows and Linux instances. With Systems Manager, Hitachi Vantara is able to create a simple, consistent, and reliable bakery process for both Linux and Windows instances. This is very important for meeting the compliance needs of the regulated customer base in Public Sector (FedRAMP), Financial Services (PCI), Healthcare and Lifesciences (HIPAA HITRUST), and Education (FERPA).

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Logicworks integrates AWS Systems Manager into its central automation platform, a central orchestration hub that performs common AWS maintenance and configuration tasks across hundreds of Logicworks’ customer environments.

Systems Manager schedules patching, maintains up-to-date firewall policies, configures certain operating system packages and other tasks that, along with proprietary Logicworks software, helps to keep systems compliant with defined configuration policies. Logicworks Managed AWS Service, which combines 24x7 expert support and intelligent cloud orchestration software, is used by companies in healthcare, financial services, and public sector to provide additional governance, control, and cost assurance for AWS cloud environments.

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Mphasis-Stelligent is an AWS DevOps Competency partner and has expertise in creating fully scripted, tested, versioned and continuous delivery systems for customers so that they can deliver software to users at the click of a button and/or with every code change.

For customers who have an automated delivery process and prefer to let their engineers focus on core business rather than supporting infrastructure, Mphasis-Stelligent’s DevOps Management service ensures the health and value of your continuous deployment pipeline and infrastructure.

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nubGo provides AWS Systems Manager Automation services for our MSP for AWS service. It is built on AWS CloudFormation by using Landing Zones. nubeGo deploys more than 10 AWS Config rules and remediation actions using API Calls and Lambda Functions automation documents.

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OSO DevOps

OSO DevOps

OSO DevOps invests in operational capabilities and automation, and leverages AWS Systems Manager, to sustain performance and service quality for its customers.

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