With AWS Systems Manager, you pay only for what you use on the following priced features, as you use them. There are no minimum fees or upfront commitments. Features that are provided at no additional charge are listed here. Limits may apply.

Resource Groups

No additional charges. Limits may apply.

Insights Dashboard

No additional charges. Limits may apply.


No additional charges. Limits may apply.

Run Command

No additional charges. Limits may apply.

Session Manager

No additional charges. Limits may apply.

Patch Manager

No additional charges. Limits may apply.

Maintenance Window

No additional charges. Limits may apply.

State Manager

No additional charges. Limits may apply.

Parameter Store

No additional charges. Limits may apply.


Distributor, a Systems Manager feature, helps you distribute and maintain software packages, such as software agents, on your instances. These packages can be AWS service agents or your own agents imported into Systems Manager. Distribution and update checks of AWS agents are provided at no additional charge.

For your own packages, you pay only for what you use. Upon transferring a package into Distributor, you will be charged based on the size and duration of storage for that package, the number of Get and Describe API calls made, and the amount of out-of-Region and on-premises data transfer out of Distributor for those packages.

AWS Packages Pricing

AWS packages

No charge

Non-AWS Packages Pricing


$0.046 per GB per month

Get or Describe API calls

$0.025 per 1000 Get or Describe API calls

Data transfer (only for out-of-Region or on-premises transfers)

$0.900 per GB transferred from Distributor

Distributor pricing example

Assume you have 100 Amazon EC2 instances and 25 on-premises instances, each requiring three AWS packages and two 100 MB non-AWS packages to be updated on a monthly basis. You choose to check for updates twice a day, resulting in 15,000 Get/Describe API calls for the non-AWS packages.

Your monthly bill will be as follows:

Cost of distributing 3 AWS packages across 125 instances = $0

Storage: Cost of storing 2 non-AWS packages = 2*100 MB * $0.046 per GB = $0.0092

Get, Describe API calls: Cost of 15,000 API calls = 15,000 * $0.025 per 1,000 API calls = $0.375

Data Transfer: Cost of updating 2 non-AWS packages on 25 on-premises instances = 25 * 2 * 100 MB * $0.90 per GB = $4.50

Total monthly charges = $0.0092 + $0.375 + $4.50 = $4.88 or $0.0391 per instance


Automation, an AWS Systems Manager feature, allows you to safely automate common and repetitive IT operations and management tasks across AWS resources. You pay only for what you use and are charged based on the number and type of steps.

Basic steps

A step is defined as an initiated action performed in the Automation execution on a per-resource basis. There is a free tier of 100,000 basic steps per account per month. Beyond the free tier, each basic step is charged at $0.002 per step. All steps are considered basic steps unless otherwise categorized below as special steps.

Special steps

Special steps are free-tier ineligible. Below are the types of special steps:

Multi-account/multi-Region steps – Each multi-account/multi-Region step will be charged at $0.004 per step. The multi-account/multi-Region steps are counted in the originating location (account and Region) only. They are not counted in the target locations.

Automation pricing example

Assume you execute 125,000 steps in a calendar month in an account, 5,000 of which are multi-Region special steps from US East (N. Virginia) to US West (N. California) and 120,000 of which are local in US East (N. Virginia). Your bill will be as follows:

Basic steps:

Total steps (120,000) - Free tier (100,000) = billable basic steps (20,000)

20,000 basic steps * $0.002/basic step = $40

Special steps:

5,000 multi-Region steps * $0.004/multi-Region step = $20

Total monthly charges = $40 + $20 = $60

Separate Charges

Your application workflow may incur other charges if it uses other AWS services or transfers data. For example, if your application workflow invokes an AWS Lambda function, you will be billed for that AWS Lambda use based on your AWS Lambda pricing. For details, see the pricing section of the AWS service or the data transfer type you’re using.

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