Health and human services (HHS) agencies at the state and local government level are leveraging the AWS Cloud for initiatives ranging from the optimization of everyday administrative tasks to delivering a more personalized digital experience for their citizens. Whether your focus is on agency modernization, helping to build healthier communities or transforming payment and care delivery model; more and more HHS agencies are turning to Amazon Web Services for cost effective, scalable, and secure IT infrastructure resources.


Discover how Orion Health and APN consulting partner, Logicworks, used AWS to build Cal INDEX, one of the largest health information exchanges (HIE) in the US. By using AWS, Orion health can scale its platform to handle millions of patient records and build HIPAA-compliant solutions for its customers.

The need to explore data arises from factors including aging populations, millions of newly insured people, record numbers of children and families enrolled in social and human services programs, and a need to effectively manage benefits and programs for their citizens. Big data and analytics empower HHS agencies to become increasingly collaborative and generate insights that will identify trends in utilization, quality metrics, and incidents of redundancy. AWS provides a complete set of easy to use, flexible tools to help HHS agencies address these challenges, enable inter-agency collaboration, and innovate on behalf of the citizens they serve.


AWS GovCloud (US) ensures that sensitive health data is securely handled only by U.S. persons on U.S. soil, in the cloud; only vetted account holders who are U.S. persons are permitted access to AWS GovCloud (US).
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ClearData - The ClearDATA Dynamic Cloud Platform combines DevOps automation, security safeguards, and compliance expertise with the most comprehensive Business Associates Agreement (BAA) in the industry. This ensures health IT organizations, and the technology providers that support them, are adhering to the highest standards in privacy, security and compliance. ClearDATA is a secure, HITRUST-certified healthcare managed cloud provider. More than 350,000 healthcare professionals trust the ClearDATA HIPAA-compliant cloud to safeguard their patient data and power their critical applications.


Smartronix - Virtual Health Network® (VHN) is a secure, interoperable, scalable, and extensible platform deployed on AWS that enables health information sharing and exchange to facilitate healthcare connectedness. Smartronix has deployed advanced boundary management solutions, security incident and event management solutions, advanced antivirus and intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), log aggregation and correlation, and data encryption solutions. Our security architects are trained in HIPAA, PCI, and PII compliant solutions.



AWS enables HHS agencies to modernize by increasing operational agility, while delivering an improved citizen experience. Cloud technology is helping HHS agencies to deliver digital government services through digitizing administrative processes, enabling delivery of data via mobile devices, and offering a more personalized benefits enrollment process that rivals an online shopping experience. In addition, HHS agencies are leveraging AWS to create more efficient workflows, empower mobile case workers, and deliverer engaging multi-channel experiences allowing citizens to serve themselves online rather than waiting in line.



Public Consulting Group (PCG) - Offers Medicaid agencies the only proven Asset Verification Service (AVS) in the country. Powered by AWS and backed by an experienced team of Medicaid eligibility subject matter experts and the nation's most comprehensive network of financial institutions. With our AVS experience on behalf of health and human services agencies in Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, and New Hampshire, as well as for the Social Security Administration, no other vendor can match the lessons learned and best practices we provide.

Case Commons provides real time technology and analytics to help public human services agencies meet the needs of the country's most vulnerable children and families.  Casebook has been developed in collaboration with agencies and practitioners and uses intuitive design to meet the needs of caseworkers and administrators. It is built around people and families, not just a case. Casebook helps to support child welfare workers and policy makers in their effort to make decisions based on quality data.


Acquia - is a HIPAA-compliant cloud platform for building, managing, and optimizing digital experiences. Acquia uses AWS in a variety of ways, such as managing and provisioning the IT infrastructure necessary to host its customers’ websites and web applications. Acquia uses AWS Enterprise Support to learn about and begin using new AWS services in order to optimize its cloud architecture and provide the best possible experience for its customers.


VerticalChange - In the social service and public health sectors, providers rely on data collected by many different institutions to provide the best care to their clients. But data management and analysis can cause challenges for the social service and public health sectors.

In order to take an integrated approach, case workers must have the capacity to share and access vital information about the client, not only within their own agency but also with partner agencies involved in the client’s care. The challenge has been that each agency traditionally uses its own system of data collection, and these systems are not designed for cross-collaboration.

SeamlessDocs is the most seamless way to a paperless government. The platform allows anyone to easily convert existing forms and PDFs into smart online versions. Once converted they can be completed from any device, receive attachments, integrate payments, and apply a legally binding eSignature. On the backend it creates a database of information collected with API access and workflow tools to fully automate the process of the forms. SeamlessDocs specializes in working with governments and has hundreds of governments in almost every state leveraging the platform to help them meet efficiency, green, and savings initiatives. It utilizes Amazon Web Services to give world class infrastructure and security to its customers with the click of a button.


Northwoods provides cloud-based document management solutions for state and county human services increase client service levels and productivity while cutting costs. Caseworkers and social workers can easily store and retrieve documents, complete forms, and capture more accurate and timely case notes and narratives to improve service delivery, compliance, and audit-readiness. Field-based social workers use a mobile app in disconnected mode and can also capture high-resolution, color images of clients and living conditions. Caseworkers and social workers save an average two hours every day to spend focused on clients. Agency leadership has increased visibility into operations and trends.



The use of technology can empower HHS agencies to execute more effectively on their traditional missions so that they may free up resources to invest in innovative programs that will build healthier communities. Examples include: generating insights through data sharing across interrelated HHS programs, leveraging geospatial data and predictive analytics for epidemic management, or using the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor and improve air quality. AWS helps HHS agencies to dynamically administer programs and services by providing the low cost, secure, and scalable infrastructure that enables agencies to innovate on behalf of the communities they serve.





Loom solutions, powered by AWS, enable organizations to safely and securely weave together disparate threads of data across public safety and health systems to improve operations, identify those most in need of help, rapidly identify and test interventions, and improve human outcomes.

With seamless and robust datasets, agencies can bridge the gap between multiple agencies, conjoining data that was not previously connected and drawing accurate and precise conclusions.


Appriss provides healthcare enterprises a data-driven approach to improving patient safety and combatting drug diversion and addiction. In partnership with the National Association Boards of Pharmacy, healthcare providers are able to share prescription dispensing information to identify controlled substance abuse. The solution is made up of sophisticated analytics, database management, record management for prescription monitoring, over-the-counter sales tracking, and fraud detection.

Esri -ArcGIS, an innovative mapping and analytics platform designed to enable healthcare professionals to discover, develop, consume and share geographic information anywhere, anytime, on any device. Organizations can get ready-use-instances of ArcGIS running on Amazon Web Services, including infrastructure, software, deployment and testing, data management, and 24/7 support and monitoring.  

REAN Cloud provides customers with an end to end service offering from assessing your environment from a security and compliance perspective, developing a cloud-based architectures, migrating the workloads into the AWS Cloud, and managing and operating the entire environment on a daily basis while continuously meeting compliance requirements, such as HIPAA or HITRUST certification. REAN Cloud's experts with deep-seated knowledge of healthcare domain expertise, AWS cloud offerings, and compliance regulations will bring clarity and innovation to your organization.



HHS agencies are undergoing a transformation from a fee-for-service payment model to more value-based care. This transition requires data-driven solutions to manage workflows.  AWS and our partner ecosystem are uniquely positioned to help HHS agencies navigate these changes by leveraging analytics to define, measure, and report quality of care. Through studying utilization rates, reporting mechanisms, and care delivery channels, HHS agencies are building the intelligence needed to deliver a compliant and sustainable value-based care system.




Cloudticity has built HIPAA-compliant patient portals, health information exchanges, mobile health engagement platforms, telemedicine solutions, big-data analytics of health insurance information, IoT information aggregation for health data collection devices, and many more on AWS. Cloudicity offers experts in coding, migrating, and managing healthcare applications in the Amazon cloud.

Cognitive Medical Systems's clinical decision support tools deliver multiple sophisticated reasoning technologies that can be applied to clinical decision-making challenges, including handling streaming data such as physiologic waveforms, optimization of routines to facilitate schedule or resource planning, and a variety of modeling techniques that enable predictive analytics. This advanced reasoning capability supports truly individualized clinical guidelines and treatment plans. Built on AWS, the platform is designed to minimize clicks and increase focus on patient care.  


hc1- The Healthcare Relationship Cloud combines healthcare CRM, live analytics, and secure collaboration capabilities while supporting extensibility via hc1 Apps. With the hc1 Enterprise Platform running on the AWS Cloud, healthcare organizations have the ability to unify disparate clinical, financial, and business data into comprehensive provider, consumer, and patient profiles within a flexible, secure, and cost-effective IT infrastructure.


NextGen strives to improve individual care and outcomes with interoperability to drive a measurably healthier population. With the benefits of the AWS cloud, agencies can securely exchange private health information to collaborate, aggregate, and act on health information to make better decisions for better care and outcomes. The solutions create a community-wide view of patients across disparate systems, manage care transitions, deliver critical patient information at the point of care, measure and report the health of a population for value-based reimbursements, and make the most of existing IT resources and investments.


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