AWS and NFL Launch Next Gen Stat ‘Expected Return Yards’

The newest advanced ML-powered stat from AWS and the NFL tackles the hidden dynamics of punt and kickoff returns

The goal of Expected Return Yards is to estimate how many yards a returner will gain from the moment they catch the ball. This is determined by how well they can identify space and break tackles, whether their teammates can block and create space, and if their opponents can cover ground and maintain lane discipline. In only fractions of a second, Expected Return Yards uses tracking data to help quantify how well the returner and each team achieved their goals.

AWS and NFL Reveal New Special Teams Insights

An exclusive conversation with Next Gen Stats on how they use ML to estimate, in real time, how many yards a returner will gain the moment they catch a punt or kickoff 

ML Solutions Lab ‘Expected Return Yards’ Q&A

Q&A with the ML Solutions Lab about Expected Return Yards, the latest Next Gen Stat from AWS and the NFL, that uses AI to take you under the hood at kickoff and punt returns