The world’s best sports and entertainment organizations use AWS to build data-driven solutions and reinvent the way sports are watched, played, and managed. AWS provides cloud services that are at the core of innovation, athlete optimization, and epic fandom. Whether it's predicting the probability of a catch in real-time, or forecasting ticket sales after a winning season, technology is changing the game. And AWS is how.

Unlocking Data's

Sports and entertainment organizations are using data to create new innovations around athlete performance, health and safety, or drive new efficiencies and business models. Leagues and teams have vast amounts of data, and AWS is enabling them to analyze that data at scale, and make better, more informed decisions. For example, how PFF leverages millions of data points from football games to uncover never-before-seen metrics that change how everyone experiences the sport. Automated data collection from sensors and cameras deliver real-time stats, guide game-time decisions, and help teams discover new ways to connect with fans.

Engaging and
Delighting Fans

The fan experience is changing before, during, and after games. With AWS, fans are getting deeper insights through visually compelling on-screen graphics, and interactive second screen experiences. For example, Second Spectrum uses AWS to minimize latency in its streaming services and offer fans a high-quality viewing experience. Rich data and insights reveal the nuances of in-game decision making, and highlight performances through advanced stats. Fan experiences are being enhanced through NFL Next Gen Stats, F1 Insights, Bundesliga Match Facts, Clippers CourtVision, and more – all powered by AWS.

Rapidly Improving
Sports Performance

AWS technology is transforming more than the fan experience – leagues and teams are using AWS to innovate like never before. F1 is using HPC to advance vehicle performance, the NFL is using ML to transform player health and safety, and the Seattle Seahawks are using a data lake to improve training initiatives.


Ready to see more? Here are just a few examples of how AWS is helping customers and partners engage their fans, train their teams, and transform the business of sports and entertainment. Click on each of logos below to learn more.


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The sports industry’s use of AI technologies are driving four major shifts.

  • real-time
  • Delayed to real-time

    Analogue data collected and analyzed by hand meant that live commentators provided color, and not much else. Now, fans, on-air talent, and teams benefit from automated data collection through sensors and cameras, and high performance computing means insights and analysis built using machine learning models—like the impact of an F1 car choosing to pit—can be processed and delivered in near real-time.

    See how F1 does it >
  • Manual to automatic

    Automating time-consuming, unreliable, and mundane tasks frees up valuable resources. From ML models that forecast ticket sales or predicting the probability of a catch, to NASCAR using AI services to automatically tag media by detecting objects and translating speech to text, AI is allowing humans to do what they do best—more creative and strategic work.

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  • Reactive to predictive

    Coaches and teams forced to constantly react and change strategy, or to anticipate a play or action based on pure intuition, now have access to a treasure trove of predictive data during a match, game, or race, giving them the ability to make proactive and informed real-time decisions during a game—like an NFL coach pulling a player right before they run out of steam.

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  • Static to dynamic

    Any sports fan will tell you that their sport is as much a mental game as it is physical. By giving fans access to data and insights through visually rich on-screen graphics and interactive second screen experiences, sports organizations and broadcasters can peel back the curtain on the nuance of decision making, enriching fan experiences both inside and outside the stadium—like Bundesliga showing its Match Facts during a match.

    See how Guinness Six Nations does it >


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