The PGA TOUR will use AWS machine learning, storage, compute, analytics, database, and media services to quickly process and distribute video footage from each golf tournament, while giving fans new ways to engage with TOUR content. The PGA TOUR captures hundreds of hours of raw footage at every tournament, and will leverage AWS to rapidly transform content into exciting personalized, digital experiences.

Transforming Golf Content with the PGA TOUR | Amazon Web Services

Engaging and Delighting Fans

With 144 players and 18 holes spread across hundreds of acres, it's impossible for fans to experience all the excitement and thrills at the same time. AWS helps ensure fans never miss out on another “crowd roaring” moment whether they’re on the course or watching at home.

Cloud-Based Production

By moving core elements of live-event production from on-premises, truck-based environments to cloud-based production models, the TOUR will create a smaller footprint that is more cost effective than before. The result is more hours of golf content available to fans, players, and their partners.

Improved Operations

The PGA TOUR migrated nearly 100 years of video, audio, and images dating back to 1928 to the AWS cloud. This shift enables new insights to be gathered, correlations made, and source content made globally searchable and accessible for the first time to players, coaches, media, partners, fans, and more.


During a golf tournament, fans will be able to access to thousands of shots from a starting field of over 100 golfers. Fans could then choose to follow any player in real time and stream each shot across any device they choose. The collaboration also allows fans to choose how they view the tournament by enabling them to use video game-like controls to change camera angles, navigate the course and view game stats on-demand.

TOURCast is an evolution of the leaderboard that provides video game-like control of the golf viewing experience, allowing fans to change their viewing perspective with alternative camera angles, navigate around the course, view speed rounds, and display player and shot stats on demand.

Enhanced Coverage at THE PLAYERS Championship

Enhanced Coverage is a first-of-its kind viewing experience that gives fans unlimited access to live golf. More than 120 cameras capture every shot, from every golfer, with 176 live program feeds and more than 750 hours of golf content. AWS technology enables the production and distribution of this content for domestic and international broadcasts using AWS Direct Connect and AWS Elemental.

AWS is a Trustee of First Tee, a youth development organization supported by the PGA TOUR, helping them build their strength of character through the game of golf. AWS assists the organization in supporting an online community for coaches, parents, and participants where they can access the First Tee curriculum, resources, and connect with peers in the program.

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