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Achieving Reporting and Analytics in the Cloud, Your Way: On-Demand for AWS Customers with TIBCO, an Advanced APN Technology Partner

We’re all about innovation at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Along with consistently increasing our own pace of innovation, our goal is to empower our AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners to utilize AWS Services to become innovators in their respective spaces. When our APN Partners focus on innovation, the result is disruptive solutions for end customers that allow them to focus their resources and development efforts on what matters most to their business.

Today, we’d like to highlight TIBCO Software Inc., an Advanced APN Technology Partner and Big Data Competency Partner, who has developed analytics solutions for customers on the AWS platform that integrate with a number of key AWS Services, such as Amazon Redshift and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). TIBCO utilizes AWS for its Spotfire Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data visualization and dashboards offering. In addition, it also relies on the AWS Marketplace to offer both its Spotfire and Jaspersoft data analytics tools in a pay-as-you-go, no upfront commitment pricing model, as well as annual options.

Who Is TIBCO Software Inc.?

TIBCO, headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, provides infrastructure and business intelligence data analytics software to customers to give them the ability to consistently innovate by connecting applications and data in a service-oriented architecture, streamlining activities through business process management, and giving people the information and intelligence analytics tools they need to make faster and smarter decisions. With offices in 20 countries around the world, the company serves customers globally and works with an ecosystem of over 200 partners. TIBCO has worked with AWS for several years.

What Has TIBCO Built on AWS?

“TIBCO’s approach is to empower customers to consume our business intelligence and data analytics tools in the cloud, in the way that is appropriate for the given requirement and audience. We offer solutions for both technical and business audiences on AWS, for a wide range of use cases ranging from hours to years,” said Andrew Lampitt, director, Cloud Analytics, TIBCO.

For business teams, TIBCO Spotfire provides visualization, dashboards, and advanced analytics. TIBCO Spotfire supports Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, and more. TIBCO Spotfire Cloud is TIBCO’s SaaS BI service, powered by AWS, and it allows business teams to quickly and easily achieve advanced visualization and dashboards on-demand without having to manage the back-end infrastructure.

For technical teams, TIBCO Spotfire for AWS provides advanced visualization and dashboards in a pay-as-you-go, starting at < $1/hr—for Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, and more.

Also for technical teams, TIBCO Jaspersoft for AWS provides embedded reporting, dashboards, and business intelligence. The offering has been very successful, with well over 1,000 customers onboarded since its launch in February 2013. Additionally, TIBCO Jaspersoft has received consistently positive customer ratings for business intelligence and Big Data on the AWS Marketplace. With Jaspersoft for AWS, TIBCO offers auto-detect for both Amazon Redshift and Amazon RDS to quickly connect to customer data within 10 minutes from AWS Marketplace. “Technical teams can easily reskin the GUI, integrate BI within their applications with RESTful services and a purpose-built JavaScript framework. Jaspersoft works with a wide variety of other backend data sources: Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR), POJO, XML, Oracle, and DB2, for example,” said Lampitt.

Why AWS?

Prior to working with AWS, TIBCO tried a number of different approaches and providers to develop their solutions. Initially, TIBCO worked with a different cloud provider to develop and run their TIBCO Spotfire Cloud SaaS BI service. They chose to migrate to AWS, which has been successful for the TIBCO team. “We’ve enjoyed dramatic cost savings while increasing capacity since migrating Spotfire Cloud to AWS. Also very importantly, AWS Marketplace gives us the platform to provide business intelligence by the hour in a cost-effective way for customers,” Lampitt explained.

By developing on the AWS platform and utilizing AWS Marketplace as a channel, TIBCO is able to lower the cost of development and pass on their cost savings to their end users. “With TIBCO Jaspersoft, we built our own SaaS business intelligence solution, including our own multi-tenancy capability that still proves to be an important competitive differentiator today. But the niche we were targeting didn’t make sense for a number of reasons, and a particularly compelling one was the cost of maintaining the infrastructure. In offering TIBCO Analytics solutions on AWS Marketplace, we now have a cost-effective channel that allows us to not only manage the operational aspects, but to also offer cost savings to AWS customers,” explained Lampitt.

What’s the Benefit for End Users and APN Partners?

TIBCO offers their BI solutions on the AWS Marketplace, and have priced their solutions on AWS Marketplace in a way that is, in Lampitt’s opinion, most beneficial for end customers. “We’ve been an APN Partner for several years and were an early adopter of AWS Marketplace. We’re pleased to share a common perspective with AWS that customers should be able to prove out value on a daily basis, as opposed to making hefty upfront commitments on uncertain or unpredictable returns,” said Lampitt.

Both the TIBCO Jaspersoft and TIBCO Spotfire solutions are available on AWS Marketplace, starting at <$1/hr with no user limits or extra fees for data volumes. This allows end customers to ramp up their deployment in an economical way. “AWS Marketplace has been a great channel for us to reach new buyers, particularly those that seek granular control and flexibility for their analytics solutions,” Lampitt explained.

For APN Consulting Partners, Lampitt suggests exploring how the different TIBCO solutions can be utilized to build out analytics solutions for end customers with BI needs. Great examples include analytic applications by Artha Solutions, powered by Jaspersoft on AWS Test Drive. There, you can quickly try solutions for investment management, retail, and more. Another example is Full 360, an Advanced APN Consulting Partner and an inaugural Amazon Redshift Partner. Full 360 has expertise in complete managed service business intelligence powered by Jaspersoft for AWS and Amazon Redshift.

It’s easy to see these solutions in action. Business audiences can try Spotfire Cloud on a monthly basis. Technical audiences can take Jaspersoft and Spotfire for a spin on AWS Marketplace by the hour.

To learn more about TIBCO Software, visit the company’s AWS Partner Directory listing and check out its listings on AWS Marketplace.

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