AWS Test Drive provides a private IT sandbox environment containing preconfigured, ready-to-use enterprise server solutions. Using a guided tour video and step-by-step manual, you can launch and start exploring these solutions in just a few minutes.

These Test Drives are developed by AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting and Technology partners and are provided free of charge for education, demonstration and evaluation purposes. Each Test Drive includes enough free AWS server time to launch and explore these live enterprise solution stacks from the industry’s leading Independent Software Vendors and Solution Integrators. You can return here and try any or all of the Test Drives at any time, so feel free to experiment, explore, and learn.

All of the Test Drive solutions are available for later purchase, deployment, and production use on AWS from the APN partners who provided the Test Drives.

Please select one of the following Test Drive categories or companies to begin.

Solutions deployed on AWS Test Drive are powered by AWS CloudFormation

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