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Training from AWS is a Missing Piece of the HR Strategy for AWS Partners

By Dara Schulenberg, Sr. Partner Marketing Manager – AWS Training & Certification


The demand for cloud talent is rising as the reach of transformative cloud technologies continues to grow. In turn, this increases pressure on human resources (HR) to successfully recruit, retain, and reskill top industry talent.

It’s crucial to close the skills gap for your organization and attract top talent by incorporating Amazon Web Services (AWS) training into your onboarding and professional development processes.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of your status as an AWS Partner to bring your employees a training program with proven results that is simple for you to incorporate.

This post details the impact of AWS training, ranging from improved business outcomes to increased job satisfaction among your employees, and how you can inspire your team to participate in training and earn certifications.

Give Your Employees Tools for Success

Kickstart your workforce with foundational trainings, such as AWS Partner Accreditation and AWS Partner Courses. As your employees progress, you can recommend AWS Certification opportunities that help them deepen their cloud understanding and sharpen technical skills so they can be confident in determining the best solutions for customers.

Whether your team is new to the cloud or well-versed, AWS training can help bolster cloud fluency across your organization for both business and technical roles. When your existing staff is more effective, your customers will see better results, and the burden to recruit new talent is reduced.

When your organization can fill skills gaps with existing staff members, teams can accelerate projects faster.

“AWS Training and Certification is a key part of our talent acquisition and personal development strategy,” says Rob Selby, Group AWS Technical Lead at Computacenter. “We have created a structured process that accelerates knowledge acquisition and career progression. As a result, our consultants quickly become experts in their field, assisting Computacenter customers to adopt AWS Cloud to transform and modernise their applications.”

Providing your employees with AWS training resources helps them build new cloud skills and improves employee satisfaction. According to research by Global Knowledge, IT professionals who took training were 30% more satisfied with their jobs than those without current training.

This leads to improved employee retention that creates an environment for more innovation that results in better customer experiences.

Demonstrate Your Investment in Employee Career Growth

ESG recently did a study on the impact of training on AWS Partner success and the report indicates the majority of AWS Partners who invested in AWS training saw improved employee retention and talent recruitment.

Other findings from the study include:

  • 58% of partners who invested in their teams’ AWS training saw improved employee retention.
  • 52% who invested in their teams’ AWS training saw improved talent recruitment.

This research supports the understanding that employees with in-demand skills want to work at organizations that help them hone their skills. Including professional development opportunities built around AWS training or AWS Certifications can help your organization attract—and retain—top cloud talent.

“Our strength is our people and our investment in them is a top priority,” says Neil Miles, CEO at Inawisdom. “We use our development programme to attract, retain, and progress our brightest talent. It’s truly future proofing our organisation.”

Connect Employees with AWS Training and Certification

By leveraging the only cloud training designed by the experts at AWS, you are empowering your employees to innovate with confidence and deliver results, and doing that with an easy-to implement training with proven results.

Connecting them with AWS Training and Certification can help drive improved business outcomes and support their job satisfaction, leading to increased retention for your AWS Partner business.

Learn more in this toolkit about enhancing your talent strategy with training exclusive to AWS Partners!

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