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Best practices for using Amazon Connect audio optimization for Citrix

Best practices for using Amazon Connect audio optimization for Citrix

Real-time media services running within virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment, such as Citrix, can experience audio quality issues due to the resource intensive nature of processing the media on the server(s). Implementing Amazon Connect audio optimization for Citrix enables you to improve audio quality, reduce host server resources and lower cost per agent. VDI sessions […]

Using agent workspace guides to handle sensitive information

Introduction Contact center agents assist customers with topics that involve complex workflows. Within the Amazon Connect agent workspace, step-by-step guides support agents with clear instructions on how to handle a particular use case. Step-by-step guides are agent facing workflows that can branch based on decisions and send & receive data from external systems. Guides increase […]

Optimize routing using queues and proficiencies in Amazon Connect

Optimize routing using queues and proficiencies in Amazon Connect

Contact volumes and agent staffing in contact centers vary during the day. When there are more contacts than available agents, a queue holds contacts waiting to be answered by agents. A single queue to handle all incoming contacts maximizes service levels, and minimizes wait times. This is only possible when each agent can handle all […]

Optimizing your knowledge base for Amazon Q in Connect

Optimizing your knowledge base for Amazon Q in Connect

A solid knowledge base has always been a crucial piece in effectively aiding agents in the contact center. Now with generative AI, well-structured, straightforward, and up-to-date knowledge bases are key to support generative AI assistants like Q in Connect in easily and effectively synthesizing your content. In this blog post, you will learn about Amazon Q in Connect, how it works, and how to optimize your knowledge base to maximize impact using our generative AI capabilities.

Best practices for Amazon Connect step-by-step guides

Traditionally, contact center agents required several disconnected applications to handle simple customer interactions. For example, this includes: contact control panels, customer profile information, knowledge articles, and wikis. Amazon Connect agent workspace offers a unified experience for contact center agents to access the tools they need to address customer calls effectively. Within the agent workspace, step-by-step […]

Best practices: Managing call recordings in Amazon Connect

Providing excellent customer service is crucial to the success of any business in today’s highly competitive world. Contact centers are often one of the main points of interaction with customers, and call recordings are a valuable tool to help a business deliver the best customer experience possible. Providing a rich source of insightful information, they […]

Routing contacts based on performance objectives in Amazon Connect: Service level (part 1)

Enterprise contact centers have performance objectives (service levels, agent occupancy, average speed to answer) to deliver a high-quality customer service experience. The strategies used to route incoming contacts have a direct influence on these performance metrics. Amazon Connect makes it possible to route contacts based on objectives that are important to the business. This is […]

Keep Your Contact Data Clean by Using Session Attributes in Amazon Connect

Using data to create dynamic experiences is a great way to enhance the customer journey with Amazon Connect. Sometimes though, managing that data across Amazon Connect contact flows or AWS Lambda functions can require a level of data persistence that can lead to unnecessary attributes in the Amazon Connect contact trace records(CTRs). Examples of such […]