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Introducing the Amazon Database Migration Accelerator

Today, we announce the launch of Amazon Database Migration Accelerator (DMA). Amazon DMA brings together AWS Database Migration Service (DMS), AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT), and AWS database migration experts to help customers migrate away from traditional commercial databases at fixed prices. At launch, we offer Amazon DMA to customers migrating from Oracle and SQL Server to Amazon Aurora or Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for PostgreSQL or MySQL. Over time, Amazon DMA will expand to include additional source and target databases, data warehouses, and analytics systems. Learn more at the Amazon Database Migration Accelerator page.

Why Amazon DMA?

Many customers have provided feedback that traditional database migrations consume an inordinate amount of effort and often result in budget overruns or delays. This is because re-factoring applications from one database engine to another can be time consuming and technically challenging. Engineers working on these migrations require an in-depth knowledge of both the source and target databases, as well as various programming frameworks. Many organizations prefer to reserve these expert engineers for revenue-generating customer-facing projects.

How does Amazon DMA differ from traditional migration projects?

Amazon DMA offers fixed price migrations that customers can pay for after completion thereby reducing their risk of budget overruns. In addition to AWS DMS, AWS SCT, and migration experts, Amazon DMA also leverages the technical knowledge gained by Amazon’s engineers while migrating internal systems to AWS database services. Amazon DMA complements migration solutions offered by our APN partners by allowing customers to assemble the right combination of solutions to fit their requirements. To learn if you qualify, please reach out to your account manager or visit the contact us page.

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Venkata Akella is a Sr. Product Manager with Amazon Web Services.