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Introducing the Advanced Python Wrapper Driver for Amazon Aurora

Building upon our work with the Advanced JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) Wrapper Driver, we are continuing to enhance the scalability and resiliency of today’s modern applications that are built with Python. The Advanced Python Wrapper Driver has been released as an open-source project under the Apache 2.0 License. You can find the project on GitHub. In this post, we provide details on how to use some of the features of the Advanced Python Wrapper Driver.

Exploring new features of Apache TinkerPop 3.7.x in Amazon Neptune

Amazon Neptune now supports the Apache TinkerPop 3.7.x release line, introducing many major new features and improvements. In this post, we highlight the features that have the greatest impact on Gremlin developers using Neptune, to help you understand the implications of upgrading to these versions of Neptune and TinkerPop.

Build time-series applications faster with Amazon EventBridge Pipes and Timestream for LiveAnalytics

Amazon Timestream for LiveAnalytics is a fast, scalable, and serverless time-series database that makes it straightforward and cost-effective to store and analyze trillions of events per day. You can use Timestream for LiveAnalytics for use cases like monitoring hundreds of millions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, industrial equipment, gaming sessions, streaming video sessions, financial, […]

Enhanced Full Load Performance in AWS DMS Serverless

With AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS), you can migrate your data from relational databases and data warehouses to AWS or a combination of a cloud and on-premises configurations. In June 2023, AWS DMS Serverless was released, which automatically provisions, scales, and manages migration resources to make database migrations straightforward and more cost-effective. It removes the necessity of handling infrastructure tasks like capacity estimation, provisioning, cost-optimization, and managing versions and patching. In this post, we provide an overview of this new feature and present benchmarking results for two use cases.

Introducing configurable maximum throughput for Amazon DynamoDB on-demand

Amazon DynamoDB is a serverless, NoSQL database service that enables you to develop modern applications at any scale. DynamoDB on-demand mode offers a truly serverless experience that can serve millions of requests per second without capacity planning, and automatic scale down to zero when no requests are being issued against the table. With on-demand mode’s […]

Monitor query performance with Performance Insights on Amazon RDS for SQL Server

Amazon RDS Performance Insights is a powerful feature of Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) that provides real-time and historical insights into your database performance. Whether you’re troubleshooting performance bottlenecks, identifying slow queries, or optimizing your system, Performance Insights is able to help. With Performance Insights, you gain a deeper understanding of your database’s behavior. […]

Query transaction finality information from public blockchains using Amazon Managed Blockchain Query

In this post, we provide an overview of an enhancement to Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) Query which enables you to retrieve data on a public blockchain prior to finalization. AMB Query is a fully managed AWS service that provides high quality blockchain data delivered with sub-second latency to applications via uniform APIs across a number […]

Introducing multi-source replication on Amazon RDS for MySQL

When Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) launched in 2009, MySQL was the first engine supported on the platform. Since that time, customer use cases have grown and evolved. Amazon RDS for MySQL has supported replication to multiple targets for some time—now it also supports multi-source replication. In this post, we discuss multi-source replication on […]

New features in AWS DMS 3.5.1

We are excited to announce the availability of AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) replication engine version 3.5.1. This version provides improvements covering data validation, support for new endpoints, and endpoint settings that were requested by many of our customers. In this post, we highlight a few key features. For the entire list of improvements, […]

Build on the Polygon network with Amazon Managed Blockchain Access

As builders in the blockchain space work to deliver applications ready for mainstream adoption, they must spend more time developing features and capabilities for their use case and less time on the undifferentiated tasks such as blockchain node operations, blockchain data extraction, and standard API development. Configuring, provisioning, and maintaining a multitude of public blockchain […]