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Announcing the New AWS Enterprise Strategy Track at re:Invent

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Recommended sessions for enterprise executives looking to accelerate digital transformation.

On behalf of the entire Enterprise Strategy team at AWS, we’re looking forward to welcoming you to re:Invent 2022. With over 2,000 sessions including keynotes and leadership sessions, re:Invent provides an excellent opportunity to learn, share, and connect with your peers.

We are excited to have a dedicated track at re:Invent designed specifically for business and technology leaders and delivered by AWS Enterprise Strategists: former CIOs, CTOs, and senior executives from large enterprises who have personally driven a cloud journey to AWS. We share personal experiences and insights gained by working with thousands of executives from some of world’s largest companies to help increase speed and agility, drive innovation, and create new operating models using the cloud. We have developed five breakout sessions and two chalk talks covering topics like digital transformation, architecture, re-skilling, maximizing business value, and security—all created by former executives for executives. In addition to these sessions, don’t miss out on Keynote and Leadership sessions to hear about new product launches, insights from AWS leaders, and inspiring customer stories.

This will be my tenth re:Invent, including six as a customer executive. I always came back inspired by the possibilities to invent on behalf of my company’s customers and full of lessons from my peers. Planning ahead is critical, so you can make the most of what re:Invent has to offer, but I also recommend allowing time to wander—to explore sessions outside of your industry or area of expertise, to meet with new partners, and to make new connections. We are excited to see you there. – Ishit

Breakout Sessions

AWS re:Invent breakout sessions are lecture-style and one hour long. These sessions occur across the re:Invent campus and cover topics at all levels (200–400). For our virtual attendees, breakout sessions will be available as on-demand videos.

ENT 219 – Everybody wins: Real-world business value for CIOs and CFOs with the cloud
Time: Monday, November 28, 5.30pm – 6.30pm, Location: Venetian Theatre
In this session, Chris Hennesey and Jake Burns will share their experiences and lessons learned going all-in with AWS, including where you really find business value in the cloud, and how you can realize that value. They will also discuss how to build a successful business case that will provide a win for finance, IT, and ultimately your entire organization.
ENT 217 – Learning at the speed of cloud: Turning employees into entrepreneurs    
Time: Tuesday, November 29, 11.45am – 12.45pm, Location: Wynn Encore – Ballroom 2
The cloud unleashes your organization’s talent to innovate at speed, but there’s a challenge. With people at the heart of agile organizations, how do you successfully release this potential by establishing the skills you need throughout your company from the boardroom down? Join Phil Le-Brun and Luc Hennekens to discover why learning agility is at the heart of digital transformation and why it can be a powerful measure of your organization’s future success. Learn about patterns and approaches that will help you create the time and momentum to reskill your organization so you can capitalize on the potential of the cloud.
ENT 221 – Building a smarter organization powered by machine learning
Time: Tuesday, November 29, 12.30pm – 1.30pm, Location: Caesars Forum – Level 1, Forum 121
Every decade has the technology that is going to change the world, only to lead to disappointment when adopting the new technology becomes too challenging. For several decades this has been the story behind artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Tom Godden shares how some customers are realizing the benefits of this technology and driving profound societal and business results.
ENT 228 – Succeeding in economies of speed – Rethinking your levers
Time: Wednesday, November 30, 3.15pm – 4.15pm, Location: Wynn Encore – Ballroom 2
When leaders look to change their organizations, they often begin with restructuring, defining new processes and guidelines, or granting exceptions to innovation units. However, transformation isn’t just about doing existing things better; it’s primarily about doing things differently. In this session, Miriam McLemore highlights why transformation is different from any other project, and she challenges you to rethink your levers for change.
ENT 218 – the Architect Elevator: Connecting the Boardroom and IT
Time: Wednesday, November 30, 5.30pm – 6.30pm, Location: Wynn Encore – Lafite 5
We upgrade our technology all the time; isn’t it time to update the role of architects? Today’s successful leaders forge a tight connection between an organization’s strategy, technology choices, and operational capabilities., Although equipped with amazing capabilities, the IT engine room can be daunting. That’s why modern architects add value by connecting IT and the boardroom, by building executive awareness, clearly communicating technical trade-offs, and facilitating better decision-making. In this session, Gregor Hohpe redefines the role of the architect for the modern enterprise and teaches technology leaders and architects how they can form a fruitful alliance across the levels of their organization.
ENT220 – Shipping securely: How strong security can be your strategic advantage
Time: Thursday, December 1, 2.00pm – 3.00pm, Location: Wynn Encore – Lafite
Organizations turn to digital transformation initiatives and use the AWS Cloud to increase agility, drive innovation, and improve efficiencies. However, they often overlook a strong security program’s strategic business advantage. In this session—designed for line of business, information technology, and security leaders—Clarke Rodgers covers how high-performing organizations (including AWS) develop the culture, mechanisms, and organizational constructs that allow for increased velocity and execution while maintaining a high bar for security and compliance.

Chalk Talks

Chalk talks are a highly interactive content format with small audiences. Each begins with a short presentation (ten to fifteen minutes), followed by an in-depth Q&A session with the audience (forty-five to fifty minutes).

ENT 231 – Becoming an organization that attracts top talent
Time: Thursday, December 1, 2.45pm – 3.45pm, Location: Caesars Forum – Alliance 305
Successful cloud transformations require highly skilled people, but cloud skills are in high demand, and the market for these skills is competitive. In this chalk talk, Jake Burns will facilitate a discussion on how leaders successfully recruit, develop, and retain top talent to drive digital transformation using the cloud, including how they’re motivating and reskilling existing employees to maximize the untapped potential in who they already have. Using real-world examples, participants explore what’s working and what isn’t and how you can apply the lessons learned to create high-performing organizations that deliver results.
ENT 232 – Accelerating your migration journey
Time: Thursday, December 1, 4.15pm – 5.15pm, Location: Caesars Forum – Summit 221
This chalk talk, facilitated by Jonathan Allen and Mary McDaniel, dives deep into how to accelerate your cloud migration and establish the foundation needed to optimize and modernize. It details how to use the 7 Rs migration decision model to show the value of migration and modernization while leveraging lessons learned from large-scale cloud migrations. It will also cover how to migrate while ensuring that stakeholders and technical teams understand how digital competencies will help the business remain competitive.
Additional breakout sessions recommendations
ENT213 – How to Migrate, Modernize, and Grow Using the AWS MAP
ENT 226 – Enterprise Transformation: Develop Capabilities to Drive Corporate Strategy
ARC 207 – Modern Cloud Applications. Don’t They Lock Me In?
API 308 – Are You Integrating or Building Distributed Applications?
SVS301 – Refactoring to Serverless

Download the Enterprise Strategy Attendee Guide to view everything you need to know about the Enterprise Strategy track, along with additional resources to help you have a successful re:Invent.

Ishit Vachhrajani

Ishit Vachhrajani

Ishit leads a global team of Enterprise Strategists consisting of former CXOs and senior executives from large enterprises. Enterprise Strategists partner with executives of some of world’s largest companies, helping them understand how the cloud can enable them to spend more time focusing on customer needs with its ability to increase speed and agility, drive innovation, and form new operating models. Prior to joining AWS, Ishit was Chief Technology Officer at A+E Networks responsible for global technology across cloud, architecture, applications and products, data analytics, technology operations, and cyber security. Ishit led a major transformation at A+E moving to the cloud, reorganizing for agility, implementing a unified global financial system, creating an industry leading data analytics platform, revamping global content sales and advertising sales products, all while significantly reducing operational costs. He has previously held leadership positions at NBCUniversal and global consulting organizations. Ishit has been recognized with several awards including the CEO award called “Create Great” at A+E Networks. He is passionate about mentoring next generation of leaders and serves on a number of peer advisory groups. Ishit earned his bachelor’s degree in Instrumentation & Control Engineering with a gold medal for academic achievement from the Nirma Institute of Technology in India.