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Media services compatibility program opens pathways to the cloud

Customers frequently ask us ‘Which third-party video products are compatible with AWS Media Services?’ To help answer this, we’re launching the AWS Media Services Compatibility Program—a new program featuring technology partner products tested to be compatible with AWS Media Services. This program makes it easy to find solutions and configure with confidence.

It is common that video workflows include components from a wide array of technology partners. For example, consider two use cases for contribution encoders: devices that provide the first stage of video and audio compression, usually located close to cameras or production facilities, that feed data into AWS Media Services. First, a sports team might want to build out a video production workflow to live stream away games. They need a small and sturdy contribution encoder that can travel with the team. Or second, a multi-national corporation wants to live stream an investor relations event to its shareholders around the globe and needs a near-silent contribution encoder for the event space. In both of these cases, the customer wants to maintain flexibility of choice and have confidence that their contribution encoder will work with AWS Media Services. With a clear description of the product and configuration tested, the AWS Media Services Compatibility Program is designed to do just that—opening up architectures that are as unique and varied as the video providers.

Starting today, you can find solutions from the following technology partners who have successfully completed compatibility testing with AWS Elemental MediaLive: AWS Elemental’s own Elemental Live, AJA Video Systems, Anevia, BoxCast, Epiphan Video, Matrox Video, Net Insight, Osprey Video, T-21, Videon Central, VITEC, Z3 Technology, Zixi and open source projects such as ffmeg, OBS Studio, and VLC. AWS Elemental MediaLive is the first AWS Media Service offering compatibility testing and accepts RTMP (Push or Pull), RTP, RTP + FEC and HLS. Additional AWS Media Services will be added to the program in the future.

Have a partner in mind? Let us know. Interested companies can join the AWS Elemental Technology Partner program and go through compatibility testing to become a part of the program. You can always find a list of compatible products on our program web page, which will be updated with the product name and configuration information. Technology partners retest on an annual basis to ensure results remain relevant and up to date. This process gives you the ability to make a well-informed decision about solutions for your particular application.

To learn more about partners and how to participate in the program, visit

Tom Gilman

Tom Gilman

Tom Gilman is a Software Development Manager at AWS on the Solutions Engineering team for the AdTech/MarTech industry. Solution Engineering projects are published to the open source community and enable customers to speed up their ability to solve common AdTech/MarTech workflows.