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Monetizing encrypted live stream with AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Configuring AWS Elemental MediaTailor to enable ad insertion for an encrypted HLS live stream is no different than for a live stream in the clear. Behind the scenes, MediaTailor ensures that the protected content stays encrypted by preserving the appropriate HLS key tags (EXT-X-KEY). Meanwhile, it leaves the ads unencrypted by setting the same HLS key tags set to none. The video stream, therefore, seamlessly transitions from encrypted content to unencrypted ads, then back to encrypted content during playback.

To see this in action, follow the short link below to our GitHub site where we provide step-by-step instructions on how to monetize an encrypted HLS live stream, as well as integrate MediaTailor with Amazon CloudFront:

This module relies on the completion of the following previous modules:

You will also need an Ad decision server (ADS). For these instructions, we provide a previously deployed simple, serverless mock ADS.

GitHub link:
Make sure to complete the prerequisites provided in the same link first (and above), before actually walking through the tutorial.