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[Updated May 6] Presentations from the AWS M&E NYC symposium on March 20, 2019

If you missed our M&E Cloud Symposium on March 20, 2019, session recordings are now available for viewing.

Executive Track

State of Media and What’s New From AWS

Hear the AWS perspective on the fast-changing media industry. What trends are we hearing from customers and consumers around the world? What business models are emerging? Also learn about the latest media-relevant releases from AWS, including the recent launch of several new M&E solutions.

  • Alex Dunlap, AWS Elemental, General Manager
  • Aaron Tunnell, AWS, Business Development Manager Media and Entertainment – North America

How CBS Sports Digital Streams Live Events at Scale

Sports fans demand the best when it comes to live streaming experiences. During this session, CBS Sports Digital will share how they deliver high-quality live streamed coverage of major sports events, including how they layer AWS services to build an architecture that scales for growing audiences, exacting performance requirements, and increasing redundancy.

  • Stephanie Lone, VP Engineering – CBS Sports

3 Million Hours in 30 Days: How Tangent Animation Created Next Gen

Creating an animated film presents many challenges. Artists need to create a “look” and style that accurately reflects the director’s vision. The pipeline team needs to implement the appropriate resources for the artists to do the work. Join Ken Zorniak, CEO Tangent Animation, to learn how they partnered with AWS Thinkbox and leveraged EC2 Spot Instances to help scale their pipeline to render 3 million hours in 30 days (peaking at 3,000 instances) for the full-length animated feature film Next Gen.

  • Ken Zorniak, Tangent Animation, CEO

The Power of Machine Learning and The Opportunity for Monetization

As interest in AI and ML continues to grow, we have seen many companies investigate the use of machine learning to help transform their content operations. By leveraging the power of this technology, Videofashion is able to find targeted content within 18,000 hours of fashion-focused television programming and videos using Curio™, by GrayMeta. With this rich library, Videofashion has teamed up with GrayMeta to provide an innovative platform which delivers deep insights into all their content, making it accessible and searchable online. Join GrayMeta and Videofashion along with AWS to further discuss machine learning and the monetization of assets.

  • Anne Adami, President and Managing Editor, Videofashion
  • Nicolas Charney, Executive Chairman and Founder, Videofashion
  • Ian McPherson, Sr. Partner Development Manager, AWS

How VICE media moved to an entirely cloud-based review and approval process with and AWS

VICE Media’s unconventional approach to content also extends to video review and approval in the cloud. VICE quickly scaled the use of, built within the AWS Cloud, across their 36 offices globally and video team of more than 2,000. This bold move allows them to save 100+ business days a year, that would otherwise be spent on traditional video review and approval methods. But they’re not stopping there; VICE plans to further accelerate their content creation in the near future through the use of’s new Platform and API.

  • Emery Wells, Founder and CEO,
  • Dee Wassell, Director of Media Operations, VICE Media

Using AI/ML to Automate Localization For International Distribution: Voice of America Case Study

For content creators seeking global distribution, localization is not only a time intensive workflow, but it can also be a costly manual process as well. Learn how the largest US international broadcaster is leveraging Veritone’s aiWARE, an operating system for AI, and Amazon Web Services to help improve their workflow efficiencies and help deliver their content in near real time.

  • Drew Hilles, Veritone, Inc. SVP & GM – Media & Entertainment Division
  • Jim Tunnessen, Voice of America, Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer

WeatherBug: Virtual Weatherperson in Augmented Reality, Powered by Amazon Sumerian

Join Eddie Dingels, SVP Engineering, WeatherBug to learn about how WeatherBug is driving innovation in weather forecasting and news. Participants will see how WeatherBug is creating and delivering dynamic, real-time, micro-focused news, information, and weather stories to customers using AR. Leveraging the capabilities of Amazon Sumerian and AWS, WeatherBug is transforming the traditional weather broadcast. For example, the new WeatherBug app provides rich, visually compelling data directly to users on air quality and pollen conditions using AR. Additionally, incorporating Sumerian Hosts, WeatherBug brings the value of a local weather forecaster directly to individual customers to create an unmatched 1-1 experience.

  • Eddie Dingels, WeatherBug, SVP Engineering

Innovation in the Partner Ecosystem

  • Bhavik Vyas, AWS, Global M&E Partner Segment Leader

Hector Leano

Hector Leano

Héctor Leaño is the Global Marketing Lead for AWS Media & Entertainment practice.