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Accelerating development with AWS CDK plugin – CfnGuardValidator

Customers can incorporate the CfnGuardValidator plugin into their AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) application to accelerate their application development process. This acceleration stems from ensuring that the deployed resources comply with both organizational policy and AWS best practices. Without the plugin, however, ensuing policy compliance can often be an iterative process. Organizations may implement […]

Detecting gray failures with outlier detection in Amazon CloudWatch Contributor Insights

You may have encountered a situation in the past where a single user or small subset of users of your system are reporting an event that is impacting their experience, but your observability systems didn’t show any clear impact. The discrepancy between the customer’s experience and the system’s observation of its health is referred to […]

Centralize AWS Cost Anomaly Detection using Amazon Managed Grafana

AWS Cost Anomaly Detection uses advanced Machine Learning to identify anomalous spend and root causes, empowering the customers to take action quickly. Currently, in order to view the AWS Cost Anomalies in AWS Cost Explorer, it requires the user to have IAM user access privileges on the AWS Management Console. The ability to centrally monitor and […]

Setup memory metrics for Amazon EC2 instances using AWS Systems Manager

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) emits several metrics for your EC2 instance to Amazon CloudWatch. However, memory metrics isn’t one of the default metrics provided by Amazon EC2. Several memory heavy applications like Big Data Analytics, In-memory Databases, Real-time Streaming require you to monitor memory utilization on the instances for operational visibility. These applications […]

Centralized Dashboard for AWS Config and AWS Security Hub

Back in July 2022, we announced AWS config compliance scores for conformance packs which helps you quantify your compliance posture as an Amazon CloudWatch metric. It’s a quantitative measure of compliance status. While customers can have hundreds of AWS accounts where AWS Config is enabled and each account and each AWS Region have a different compliance score. While […]

How to configure AWS Migration Strategy Recommendations service and plan migration and modernization pathways for your on-premises workloads

Introduction Customers that have decided to migrate their workloads from their on-premise VMware environments to AWS cloud and want to analyze and generate automated migration strategy recommendation patterns (based on the 7Rs) should look into implementing AWS Migration Hub Strategy Recommendations (Strategy Recommendations). Strategy Recommendations is a free AWS tool that helps customers to plan […]

Automated Evidence Collection for Life Sciences continuous compliance solutions using AWS Audit Manager

In the first post of this two-part series, we highlighted how Life Sciences customers can implement a controlled change management process using AWS Systems Manager Change Manager and AWS Config. The solution in our first post, highlighted how a you can follow your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) by implementing approval steps in order to make […]

Automating organizational policies with custom AWS Config Rules and evidence collection in AWS Audit Manager

AWS Config is a service that allows you to evaluate your AWS resources against a desired configuration state using AWS Config Rules. Two types of rules exist, managed rules which are meant to be used out-of-the-box and custom rules for which you define your desired configuration state via code.  AWS Audit Manager can help you […]

Shared Responsibility with AWS Resilience Hub

AWS Resilience Hub is an AWS service designed to help you define, track, and manage the resilience of your applications. This service helps you understand and improve the resilience of your workloads using AWS Well-Architected best practices, and offers both resilience and operational recommendations to enable you, the customer, to consistently meet your organizational and workload-based requirements […]

Best practices for applying controls with AWS Control Tower

Enabling effective governance in a multi-account environment and aligning with AWS best practices and common compliance frameworks can be a complex endeavor. Many customers, particularly those operating in regulated industries, face the challenge of investing time and resources in identifying risks and developing their own controls to address service relationships and dependencies. This process can […]