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Automate CloudWatch Dashboard creation for your AWS Elemental Mediapackage and AWS Elemental Medialive

Introduction Monitoring the health and performance of your media services is critical to ensuring a seamless viewing experience for your customers. Amazon CloudWatch provides powerful monitoring capabilities for Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources. Setting up comprehensive dashboards can be a time-consuming process, especially for organizations managing large number of resources across multiple regions. The Automatic CloudWatch […]

Ten Ways to Improve Your AWS Operations

Introduction When I take my car in for service for a simple oil change, the technician often reads off a litany of other services my car needs that I had put off since the previous service (and maybe the service before that, too). I tend to wait for the “check engine” light to come on […]

Project management in a cloud first world

Introduction In this blog, you will learn how to choose the right project management methodology to accelerate cloud transformations. According to the Harvard Business Review, over 70% of digital transformations fail. One of the reasons is the lack of proper governance leading to poor cross-functional alignment. To avoid this common pitfall, organizations must choose a […]

How SLAs, SLOs, and SLIs interact

Improve application reliability with effective SLOs

At AWS, we consider reliability as a capability of services to withstand major disruptions within acceptable degradation parameters and to recover within an acceptable timeframe. Service reliability goes beyond traditional disciplines, such as availability and performance, to achieve its goal. Components of a system or application will eventually fail over time. Like our CTO Werner Vogels […]

Enabling Self Service for Cloud Custodian policies on AWS using AWS Service Catalog

Customers are increasingly seeking tools and solutions that can help them achieve their desired outcomes more efficiently and effectively. In the context of cloud management, the need for self-service capabilities has become more pronounced as organizations strive to optimize their cloud resources, improve security, and enhance their overall cloud operations. AWS Service Catalog offers the […]

Enhancing observability with a managed monitoring solution for Amazon EKS

Enhancing observability with a managed monitoring solution for Amazon EKS

Introduction Keeping a watchful eye on your Kubernetes infrastructure is crucial for ensuring optimal performance, identifying bottlenecks, and troubleshooting issues promptly. In the ever-evolving world of cloud-native applications, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) has emerged as a popular choice for deploying and managing containerized workloads. However, monitoring Kubernetes clusters can be challenging due to their […]

Solving License Management Challenges during Mergers & Acquisitions with AWS License Manager

The purpose of this blog is to provide guidance on how AWS License Manager can solve common license management challenges faced by organizations during Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). In Deloitte’s white paper “Making a ‘poison pill” easier to swallow: How to manage M&A-related software licensing costs and compliance risks”, Deloitte highlights three major obstacles faced […]

Best practices to optimize costs after mergers and acquisitions with AWS Organizations

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) offer organizations the opportunity to scale operations, diversify product lines, and capture new markets. However, they come with a set of challenges, such as the nuances of integrating legacy IT systems, complying with stringent regulations, and maintaining business continuity, etc. Eliminating the redundancy of resources and optimizing processes to bring consistency […]

Auditing generative AI workloads with AWS CloudTrail

With the emergence of generative AI being incorporated into every aspect of how we utilize technology, a common question that customers are asking is how to properly audit generative AI services on AWS, such as Amazon Bedrock, Amazon Sagemaker, Amazon Q Developer, and Amazon Q Business. In this post, we will demonstrate common scenarios that […]

Alarm Context Tool Architecture Diagram

Respond to CloudWatch Alarms with Amazon Bedrock Insights

Overview When operating complex, distributed systems in the cloud, quickly identifying the root cause of issues and resolving incidents can be a daunting task. Troubleshooting often involves sifting through metrics, logs, and traces from multiple AWS services, making it challenging to gain a comprehensive understanding of the problem. So how can you streamline this process […]