Networking & Content Delivery

How to configure block duration for IP addresses rate limited by AWS WAF

Volumetric attack is one of the most common type of cyberattack, where a web application is overwhelmed with an enormous number of HTTP requests. This flood of excessive requests puts a strain on the application’s servers, leading to degraded performance, increased latency for legitimate users and in severe cases, resource exhaustion. AWS WAF’s rate-based rules […]

Tracking Pixel driven web analytics with AWS Edge Services: Part 1

Being able to analyze web traffic and user behavior is essential to understanding the impacts of new features, content updates, or current product iterations for websites and applications. Tracking website activity can provide insight into who visits your website, where they come from, and what content they view. A web beacon is a common technique […]

Identify and optimize public IPv4 address usage on AWS

Today AWS announced new charges for AWS-provided public IPv4 addresses beginning February 1, 2024. In this blog post, we introduce two new features launching today to help you track and monitor your idle and in-use public IPv4 addresses, estimate future costs, and identify opportunities for optimization. To help you better understand how these changes will […]

Integrating AWS Verified Access with device trust providers

In this post, we discuss how to architect Zero Trust based remote connectivity on AWS. Specifically, we will be exploring how to integrate Verified Access with CrowdStrike, a device trust provider. This solution builds upon the Okta-based identity provider integration previously published in this AWS post. Zero Trust is a conceptual model, and an associated […]

Deploying hybrid networks using AWS Cloud WAN and AWS Direct Connect

AWS Cloud WAN is a managed wide-area networking (WAN) service for building, managing, and monitoring a unified global network, as well as connecting resources running across your cloud and on-premises environments. We work with many customers to build hybrid networks that connect their on-premises environments to Cloud WAN using AWS Direct Connect. This extends their […]

Removing Unassociated Elastic IPs

Have you ever wondered why your Elastic IP (EIP) count is growing, and what’s behind the “ElasticIP:IdleAddress” line item on your AWS bill? This could be because there is an hourly charge for EIP addresses that are not associated with a running instance, when an EIP is associated with a stopped instance, or when there […]

Improving Performance on AWS and Hybrid Networks

In this post, we provide recommendations to improve network performance on AWS and hybrid networks. In today’s enterprise networking environment, it is becoming common for customers to have multi-gigabit connectivity to AWS either through AWS Direct Connect or over the Internet. Although network bandwidth is fundamental, several other factors come into play for network performance, […]

Set up end-to-end tracing with Amazon CloudFront using OpenTelemetry

In a modern distributed system, identifying where a problem has occurred is not a trivial task. In fact, it’s a key capability that an organization must master to maintain its competitiveness. Tracing is a great methodology to be used for this purpose. It creates a series of formatted logs with an identifier called Trace ID, which […]

Using AWS WAF intelligent threat mitigations with cross-origin API access

AWS WAF offers advanced features for filtering undesired web application traffic, such as Bot Control and Fraud Control. These intelligent threat mitigations include techniques such as client-side interrogations using JavaScript challenges or CAPTCHA, as well as client-side behavioral analysis. Implementing these techniques on a web page with a same-origin access is simple. When a cross-domain […]

Ataccama: Building our global network with AWS Cloud WAN

Ataccama is a global software company with a unified platform for automating data quality, MDM, and metadata management – Ataccama ONE. We specialize in complex enterprise data governance solutions that provide sustainable, long-term value. At Ataccama, we migrated our global wide area network to AWS Cloud WAN to simplify configuration and management. In this post, […]