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Announcing new cloud-based solutions for credit unions and nonprofit research organizations

In 2022, Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched curated solutions for nonprofits in the AWS Solutions Library and AWS Marketplace. These solutions help meet the most important needs of charities and membership-based organizations.

Today, AWS announced the addition of new nonprofit solutions in the AWS Solutions Library and AWS Marketplace. These solutions are tailored to the unique requirements of credit unions and nonprofit research organizations. They range from architectural guidance to ready-to-deploy solutions, and also include offerings developed by AWS Partners.

Learn the solution categories that collect these new solutions into important mission areas, as well as some of the specific solutions that can help credit unions or research organizations get started with AWS.

Solutions for research organizations

The Nonprofits pages on the AWS Solutions Library and AWS Marketplace now contain four new categories of content that are oriented toward research organizations. These categories are called solution areas. The following sections describe the new solution areas included in today’s launch.

Time to science

Research organizations gather and process massive amounts of data. Processing this data quickly and sharing it with peers around the world can lead to rapid breakthroughs. However, it’s vital to store this data securely and share it responsibly. The solutions in this area can help organizations rapidly scale computing, perform 360-degree research, analyze data at scale, and protect sensitive data.

One solution, Genomics Secondary Analysis using AWS Step Functions and AWS Batch creates a scalable environment to develop, build, deploy, and run pipelines for processing genome sequences. You can modify the solution to fit the needs of your specific research project by adding containerized tools and creating new workflows.

Fair, equitable, and open data

Making data available to research peers around the world and from a variety of backgrounds is a powerful tool for rapidly advancing knowledge. Opening data to other researchers also helps earn trust, because the data can be verified and validated by others. This solution area is focused on helping organizations aggregate data from various sources to create a cohesive view. These solutions can also help organizations optimize and augment data for the cloud, so that researchers can spend more time analyzing data, and less time acquiring it. These solutions can also help organizations share data while complying with regulations and security best practices.

Solutions for credit unions

Core banking

Core banking includes the essential tasks that credit unions complete thousands or millions of times each day. These tasks include processing daily banking transactions, managing accounts, and updating financial records. Core banking applications tend to be expensive and monolithic, which limits the ability of credit unions to be agile. The solutions in this area are designed to help credit unions migrate core banking functions to the cloud. Credit unions can also benefit from the cost-savings, security, and availability benefits of deploying cloud-based backup solutions on AWS.

One of the solutions in this area provides guidance for building a core banking system in the cloud. This solution shows how to use Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (Amazon QLDB), AWS Transit Gateway, and other AWS services to build a scalable and secure core banking platform.

Digital banking

By implementing digital banking solutions, credit unions benefit from the performance increases and scalability that the cloud offers. Credit unions can use the solutions in this area to perform everyday banking functions, such as detecting fraud and determining creditworthiness. These solutions also help credit unions implement single sign-on solutions.

Member experiences

Credit union members have a wide variety of options for meeting their banking needs. It’s more important than ever for credit unions to differentiate themselves. The solutions highlighted in this category address common requirements, such as moving contact center capabilities to the cloud, or acquiring new members while retaining existing ones. Credit unions can also use these solutions to unify and enhance member data, and then perform deep-dive analyses into that data. With this data in hand, credit unions can send their members personalized communications, such as text messages, email, and voice calls.

IT optimization and data strategy

Credit unions can benefit by moving workloads to the AWS Cloud. Solutions in this category help credit unions migrate and modernize their existing workloads in the cloud, and help with the security and compliance of their cloud applications.


Credit unions and nonprofit research organizations have unique needs that differentiate them from other types of organizations in the nonprofit sector. By adding these new solution areas, AWS aims to help these organizations realize the benefits of adopting cloud-based workloads.

To learn more about the solutions on AWS for nonprofit organizations, visit the AWS Solutions Library and AWS Marketplace. For more information about the AWS Nonprofits organization, visit the AWS for Nonprofits main page.

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Kunal Jindal

Kunal Jindal

Kunal Jindal is a principal technical product manager on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Nonprofits team. He works with nonprofit customers to accelerate their adoption of cloud services. He especially enjoys building solutions to address data-related challenges, and is especially inspired by the missions of research-based organizations.

Ajaypal Singh

Ajaypal Singh

Ajaypal Singh is a senior technical product manager on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Nonprofits team. He has over a decade of experience working with nonprofit organizations. He loves to solve the complex technical problems of nonprofit customers in simple and accessible ways.

Brent Meyer

Brent Meyer

Brent Meyer is a senior technical writer on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Nonprofits team. He is interested in customer engagement, workflow automation, and solving problems with code. Outside of work, he enjoys working in the garden, baking, and playing games with his family.