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AWS Public Sector Summit Online experience

Update July 2020: Content from the AWS Public Sector Summit Online is now available on-demand, through 30 September 2020.

On June 30, 2020, you are invited to attend the AWS Public Sector Summit Online. We’ve curated content for this event so that you can learn the tools, have access to resources, and interact with AWS experts, tailored to the stage you and your organization are at in building on AWS — all from the comfort of your home. From our 30-minute breakout sessions to the keynote to our distinguished zones, there is content for everyone. This online event will also feature AWS experts in the breakouts and in the zones ready to answer your questions.

We built five tracks of content: one for those who are technical beginners, one for those who are more technically advanced, one for those who are management and/or decision makers, as well as two tracks that focus on current issues facing our public sector organizations in government, nonprofits, healthcare, state and local government, and education. Select your content within those tracks based on where you are in your cloud journey:


Many public sector organizations are learning how to transform their current and monolithic infrastructure to the cloud. This includes executive leadership buy-in, culture shifts, and removing barriers.

Breakout sessions to check out:

  • On the front lines of disaster response with the cloud
  • Critical Components for transformation within a government context
  • Understanding how to optimize cost with the AWS Cloud
  • Foundations first: Cloud adoption and transformation
  • Shifting culture change in the age of transformation
  • Removing barriers and providing access to all

Zones to check out:

  • Resource Center
  • Training and Certification


Migrating helps your organization modernize faster. We’ve developed content and resources that show you how to get started with your projects and migrating workloads, applications, and databases in the cloud.

Breakout sessions to check out:

  • Executing quick migrations-anytime, anywhere
  • Navigating complexity: Navy’s ERP’s quick migration to AWS GovCloud (US) using AWS Snowball Edge
  • Migrating Microsoft SQL Server to the AWS Cloud
  • Speed matters: How to rapidly deploy hybrid architectures on AWS

Zones to check out:

  • Migration Zone
  • Partner Discovery Zone


Builders imagine and invent the future. These sessions and zones provide you the tools and practices to design and build solutions to further your organization’s mission.

Breakout sessions to check out:

  • Building cloud-based solutions in healthcare
  • Remote learning: Education in the cloud
  • Accelerating DoD Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) with AWS GovCloud (US)
  • Designing serverless architectures for scale and speed
  • Using AWS Ground Station to work with openly broadcast science data.
  • Purpose-built databases for modern applications
  • Defending your data against ransomware threats with secure storage
  • CI/CD at scale: Best practices with AWS DevOps services
  • Building data and analytics workloads in highly regulated environments

Zones to check out:

  • DeepRacer Zone
  • Security and Compliance Zone
  • Builder’s and Startup Zone


Learn how your organization can enhance their mission and further their journey in the cloud. These resources and tools can provide you with news ways to use the cloud.

Breakout sessions to check out:

  • Processing data and enabling research remotely
  • Putting open data to work: Fostering innovation in the public sector
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning for a modern citizen experience
  • Using AWS security services to achieve advanced threat detection
  • Machine learning (ML) for fraud prevention
  • Improving your organization’s security posture with AWS

Zones to check out:

  • Builders and Startup Zones
  • Partner Discovery Zone


Don’t forget to tune into the keynote address, which will feature the AWS public sector vice president Teresa Carlson as well as the Rhode Island Department of Labor, Navy ERP, and Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN). Register for the AWS Public Sector Summit Online.