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AWS Public Sector Summit Online

Connect, collaborate, and learn at the AWS Public Sector Summit Online

Hear from subject matter experts from Amazon Web Services (AWS) about how customers are successfully building solutions on AWS. Don't miss the keynote featuring Max Peterson, vice president of international sales for worldwide public sector at AWS. Dive deep into breakout sessions to start your cloud journey, turn data to insights, transform your workforce, innovate with scale, and more. Explore topics from building modern applications to growing a pipeline of cloud talent and everything in between.

Whether you are just getting started on the cloud or you are an advanced user, join us to get inspired and begin to build at the no-cost AWS Public Sector Summit Online.


Max Peterson

Max Peterson

The AWS Public Sector Summit Online kicks off with a keynote address from Max Peterson, vice president of international sales of worldwide public sector at AWS, featuring global customer stories. Max will reflect on key learnings from the past few months and new opportunities as we move forward, discussing business continuity, modernization and resilience, security and privacy, and so much more.

Peterson is a public sector industry veteran with 30 years of experience. He is responsible for all AWS Public Sector sales, business operations, and strategy across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Canada. He has an extensive background in developing relationships with government, education, and nonprofit customers, as well as system integrators, solution providers, independent software vendors, and value-added resellers. Peterson also oversees the AWS worldwide contracts team, which performs pre- and post-award contract management.

Keynote customer speakers

Hear inspiring stories from our customers on how they're furthering their missions with AWS.

Dr. Mohammad Fahmi Ngah

Dr. Mohammad Fahmi Ngah

Managing Director

Smart Selangor Delivery Unit (SSDU)

Khaled El Attar

Khaled El Attar

Deputy Minister for Administrative Development, Digital Transformation, and Automation

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT)

Eve Currie

Eve Currie

Executive Director Planning and Strategy


Dr. Sanjay Sood

Dr. Sanjay Sood

Associate Director for Health Informatics

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)

Local introductions

Hear insights on the latest trends and learn how you can implement solutions right now to further your mission, from your local AWS country lead.

Lee Chew Tan

Lee Chew Tan Headshot

Managing Director for ASEAN, Worldwide Public Sector, AWS

Iain Rouse

Ian Rouse Headshot

Country Director of Public Sector ANZ, Worldwide Public Sector, AWS

Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma Headshot

President, India and South Asia, Worldwide Public Sector, Amazon Internet Services Private Limited

Zubin Chagpar

Zubin Chagpar Headshot

Head of Middle East and Africa, Worldwide Public Sector, AWS

Breakout sessions

Mix and match from 25 30-minute sessions, ranging from customer talks to solution deep dives.
  • Technical – Foundations
  • Technical – Advanced
  • Technical – Scale and Infrastructure
  • Spotlight and Management
  • New to The Cloud
  • New Workforce
  • Partner Solutions track
  • Technical – Foundations
  • This track is for customers who are new and just getting started with the cloud and AWS, and focuses on fundamental topics for organizations at any stage in their cloud journey. Topics include migration, databases, security, and more.
    • Designing serverless architectures for scale and speed (Level 200)

      Serverless computing has evolved and transformed the way we build applications. In this session, discover all of the latest enhancements to AWS serverless. See how features like HTTP APIs, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) Proxy, and provisioned concurrency have helped organizations such as the British charity Comic Relief. Learn how it can help you build faster, cheaper, and better applications for your customers.

      Speaker: George Mao, Tech Leader, Serverless Solution Architecture, AWS

    • Executing quick migrations anytime, anywhere (Level 100)

      Public sector organizations face high availability and disaster recovery requirements for their own on-premises applications and want to leverage the cloud to meet their needs. In this session, hear use cases from FINRA and the Canadian Digital Service. Learn how AWS CloudEndure can help you migrate data and applications quickly, reliably, and securely from anywhere—simplifying your journey to the cloud.

      Speaker: Eric Scholz, Principle Solutions Architect, AWS

    • Improving your organization’s security posture with AWS (Level 200)

      Security-related AWS products and configurations can benefit every organization in the public sector. Using AWS services including Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Security Hub, and AWS CloudTrail, enables better detection and response capabilities, making intrusion detection and incident response simpler and less costly than typical on-premises IT environments. The AWS Cloud allows customers to scale and innovate, while improving their security posture. In this session, you will learn about a foundational list of AWS security recommendations that are easy to implement, accessible, low or no-cost, and potentially highly impactful.

      Speaker: Tim Rains, Principal Business Development Security Acceleration, AWS

    • Accelerating machine learning to achieve your mission (Level 200)

      Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) hold the promise of transforming industries, increasing efficiencies, and helping to spur innovation. In this session, learn how AWS customers have been successful in introducing AI and ML to power your mission. Hear how customers like Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, FINRA, and Transport for South Wales are working with AWS to align teams, drive ML adoption, and improve citizen services.

      Speakers: Spencer Marley, Head of AI/ML Services, AWS

    • Improve resiliency and create business continuity with AWS (Level 200)

      Transforming your operations just got easier with the cloud. You can now protect critical data and applications by providing resiliency across the enterprise with high availability, data protection, data archiving solutions, and disaster recovery on AWS. In this session, learn how to build an end-to-end enterprise resiliency program to improve readiness and achieve reliable performance with minimal downtime and costs.

      Speakers: Ghada Elkeissi, Head of Professional Services, AWS

  • Technical – Advanced
  • This track Is the next step in the technical journey, and is for attendees looking to deepen their understanding of cloud technology. Sessions provide a deeper dive into the technology and how it’s used across organizations. Topics include migration from legacy servers, threat detection, and DevOps best practices.
    • Purpose-built databases: Choose the right tool for each job (Level 200)

      Rarely can one database fit the needs of multiple distinct use cases. The days of the one-size-fits-all monolithic database are behind us, and highly distributed applications are using many purpose-built databases. Customers want to build Internet-scale applications that require diverse data models. In this session, learn how your peers have used AWS purpose-built databases to meet the scale, performance, and manageability requirements of modern applications.

      Speaker: Blair Layton, Head of Database Services, AWS

    • Migrating Microsoft SQL Server to the AWS Cloud (Level 300)

      Migrating SQL Server databases to the cloud is an essential part of many cloud journeys and requires planning and architectural considerations. Join this session to learn best practices and guidelines for migrating and/or architecting a SQL Server architecture to AWS. Compare and contrast various migration methods, including SQL export, backup, and restore using AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) and re-architecting for open source databases. Also, learn best practices on migrating SQL Server products approaching or hitting their end of life.

      Speaker: Bill Jacobi, Principal Solutions Architect, Enterprise Applications, AWS

    • Turn Data to actionable insights with the next generation data lake and analytics services from AWS (Level 300)

      The promise of data insights is alluring yet often difficult to implement without the right building blocks in place. In this session, you will learn how to build a secure and automated data lake using Amazon S3, AWS Glue and AWS Lake Formation and turn data into insight with AWS services such as Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight. Whether you are a developer, database administrator, or a data engineer, this session will show you how to efficiently turn analytics to action.

      Speaker: Mona Mona, AI/ML Solutions Architect, AWS

    • Utilizing AWS security services to achieve advanced threat detection (Level 300)

      Organizations need advanced capabilities to combat threats. The cloud securely provides the ability to disrupt traditional industries by reducing the barrier to entry for upfront technology investments. In this session, learn how AWS security services can help your organization identify security anomalies and respond to a cybersecurity threat.

      Speaker: Brad Dispensa, Principal Solutions Architect, Security and Compliance, AWS

    • CI/CD at scale: Best practices with AWS DevOps services (Level 300)

      You can increase development speed and encourage best practices by enabling CI/CD across your organization through repeatable patterns and infrastructure-as-code templates. This is achieved by creating and maintaining easily extensible infrastructure-as-code patterns for creating new services and automatically deploying them using CI/CD. Join us for a discussion on this and other key factors to consider when creating a DevOps culture and building DevOps capabilities for your applications on AWS.

      Speaker: Yiang Meng Loh, Solutions Architect, AWS

  • Technical – Scale and Infrastructure
  • This track is for attendees who are deepening their technology investment and building services on the cloud. AWS has grown into a rich set of services that act as building blocks to help you construct a scalable, cost-efficient, and secure infrastructure. Topics include migration of restricted workloads for agility, using analytics and machine learning to create impact, and how the AWS Cloud is enabling the creation of smart cities.
    • How to rapidly deploy hybrid architectures using VMware Cloud on AWS (Level 200)

      The implementation of highly scalable, simple-to-deploy technology is transforming the public sector, but it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. In this session, learn how organizations shift workloads through a hybrid cloud environment with AWS through the VMware Cloud service. In this session, discover how to build and ramp your organization to take advantage of cloud functionality and deliver full lifecycle engagement.

      Speaker: Eric Scholz, Principle Solutions Architect, AWS

    • Building modern applications with AWS containers and serverless solutions (Level 200)

      As microservice architectures become more popular, developers can use a framework to help scale and use AWS to deploy their workloads without managing servers or operating systems. In this session, learn how AWS can help you securely navigate the complexities of containers and serverless. Gain best practices when building modern applications. Discover how developers can use containers, such as AWS Lambda, to build and run production applications in the cloud.

      Speaker: Stephanie Chiao, Developer Solutions Architect, AWS

    • Getting started with AWS DeepRacer (Level 200)

      Get behind your keyboard for an immersive experience with AWS DeepRacer and reinforcement learning. In this session, developers with no prior machine learning (ML) experience can acquire new skills and apply their knowledge.

      Speaker: Donnie Prakoso, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS

    • Using the cloud to build a smart cities vision with AWS (Level 200)

      As cities continue to become the gravitational center of people’s lives, projects around smart cities are gaining attention with administrators, governments, industry, and citizens working together to enhance our cities. While the number of initiatives grows, so does the need for increased IT infrastructure to support both the growing set of citizen services and the amount of data storage needed for these projects. In this session, learn how the AWS Cloud enables cities to obtain a flexible, secure, and cost-effective IT infrastructure.

      Speaker: Aditi Gupta, Senior Solutions Architect IoT and Smart Cities, AWS

    • Exploring game changing cloud-based solutions in healthcare (Level 200)

      Healthcare providers, governments, and patients around the world are currently facing unprecedented challenges. In this session, learn about the healthcare policy landscape. See how organizations like the National Health Service, Kinser, and Babylon Health use cloud-based solutions, such as teleconsultations, data analytics, and predictive modeling, to offer tools to transform healthcare systems.

      Speaker: Nicky Murphy, Head of Healthcare Public Policy, AWS

  • Spotlight and Management
  • This track will feature speakers from AWS leadership, cloud engineering, and other visionaries in the industry. Session topics will include both technical and non-technical themes, such as cost optimization, transformation, workforce development, and driving innovation with AWS.
    • Pivoting and scaling with AWS: Three customers share their journey in education - Panel Session (Level 100)

      The impact of COVID-19 has K12 and higher education institutions working hard to prepare for students to return to a learning experience that will be anything but typical. In this panel, hear directly from three education leaders who have adopted cloud to bring multichannel education content to students. Panelists from University of Melbourne, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, and American University of Bahrain will share their experience and provide insights into how they are using the cloud to transform content delivery, enhance the student-learning experience, and build resilience to face future challenges.

      Moderator: Vincent Quah, Regional Head, Education, Research, Healthcare and Nonprofit, AWS


      • Sameera Atawi, ICTS Director of American University of Bahrain
      • Dr Sandeep Sancheti, Vice Chancellor, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai
      • Jason McKay, Director Strategy, Innovation & Assurance at University of Melbourne
    • Designing AI/ML applications: An interactive session (Level 300)

      Artificial intelligence (AI and machine learning (ML) help organizations improve outcomes with automation, predictive insights, natural language interactions, and data-driven decision making. The AWS Well-Architected Framework helps cloud architects build secure and resilient infrastructure for their applications and workloads. In this white boarding session, we will walk through designing an ML application guided by the AWS Well Architected Framework’s five pillars: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.

      Speaker: Eric Greene, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

    • AI and ML for a modern citizen service experience (Level 200)

      Public sector organizations are experiencing unprecedented pressure on their health, financial, educational, and municipal systems. Governments need the ability to react and provide relevant information to their constituents in times of need, and modernizing citizen services is key. In this session, hear use cases from customers such as American Heart Association and NASA JPL. Learn how to automate by identifying common patterns and designs. See how to build an end-to-end automated question and answer (QnA) system for your organization that combines enterprise search capabilities with conversational bot technologies.

      Speaker: Ben Snively, Principal Solutions Architect, Data Science, AWS

    • Critical components for transformation within a government context (Level 100)

      When responding to the growing demand for digital services and facing budgetary and operational challenges, public sector organizations want to become leaner, more effective, and data driven to reinforce citizen trust and engagement. Join this session to learn how customers like the Government of Brazil have harnessed innovation to accelerate digital transformation, expedite processes from ideation to execution, and help public sector leaders deliver value and build consensus among their stakeholders.

      Speaker: Celine Degrauwe, Digital Transformation Adviser, AWS

    • Understanding optimizing costs with AWS Cloud (Level 100)

      Moving from an on-premises environment to AWS is just the start of the journey towards cost optimization. In this session, look at cloud strategies you can implement to manage costs and increase return-on-investment. See how to build the business case, select the right models for the right workloads, benefit from tiered pricing aggregation, use data to drive the choice of AWS services, and, where appropriate, re-platform to make use of new architectural patterns such as serverless.

      Speaker: David Lurie, Business Development Manager, Canada, AWS

    • Reshaping how governments work: Three leaders share their stories of transformation (Level 100)

      In a world of constant change, governments will need to be more intuitive and responsive to new technological opportunities, social challenges, and citizen needs. In this session, hear from government leaders on how they are adapting to the changes reshaping their world. Understand how decisions are made, the implications they face, and why innovation offices are built in governments to spur new services. See how using analytics can aid decision making, measure responsiveness, and instill a continued culture of innovation to shape mission-ready governments.

      Moderator: Simon Elisha, Head of Technology and Transformation, AWS Australia and New Zealand


      • Liam Maxwell Director, Government Transformation, AWS 
      • María Inés Baqué Lead, Government Transformation, AWS
  • New to The Cloud
  • This track is ideal for IT managers, business leaders, system engineers, system administrators, developers, and architects who are eager to learn more about cloud computing and how to get started on the AWS Cloud. Topics will include a step-by-step introduction to the core AWS services for compute, storage, database, and networking.
    • Introduction to the AWS Cloud (Level 100)

      In this session, we introduce the value of the cloud and explain the benefits of adopting the AWS Cloud.

      Speaker: Patrick Do, Technical Trainer, AWS

    • Getting started with the cloud (Level 100)

      In this session, learn about several of the key AWS services. Learn what the services do and understand when and how to use them.

      Speaker: Patrick Do, Technical Trainer, AWS

    • Building in the cloud (Level 100)

      In this session, dive deep into several AWS services including databases, compute and storage, that support building in the cloud. Learn how to build scalable applications, monitor your resources, automate deployments, connect and share data, and deliver content.

      Speaker: Navjot Singh, Technical Trainer, AWS

    • Secure your cloud applications (Level 100)

      In this session, explore how AWS approaches securing the cloud. Additionally, learn about the AWS shared responsibility model, AWS access control and management, AWS security compliance programs, and the resources that are available to help you better understand AWS Cloud security options.

      Speaker: Navjot Singh, Technical Trainer, AWS

    • AWS pricing, support, and architecting (Level 100)

      In this session, we explain the fundamentals of AWS support plans, elements of pricing for several key services, and AWS architecting. We also discuss the AWS Well-Architected Framework and reference architectures for fault tolerance, high availability, and web hosting.

      Speaker: Navjot Singh, Technical Trainer, AWS

  • New Workforce
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rapid shift in workforce processes and policies, as organizations seek to keep employees engaged even while socially distant. These sessions discuss productivity tools and different strategies for using AWS to embrace the new normal.
    • Building a diverse and prepared pipeline of cloud talent (Level 100)

      Organizations are recognizing the importance of building a pipeline of cloud talent to serve the workforce of the future. In this session, discover the path to achieving a more diverse and prepared workforce. Learn how AWS education programs like AWS Academy and AWS re/Start are working to close the digital skills gap and prepare individuals to fill in-demand, entry-level cloud roles around the world.

      Speaker: Izabela Milewska, Digital Skills Global Leader, AWS

    • Removing barriers and providing access to all (Level 200)

      Public sector organizations remain focused on delivering on their missions every day, maintaining business and educational continuity while focusing on protecting citizens, students, and patients. Organizations are learning how to effectively work and learn remotely by having access to a set of purpose-built tools that the AWS Cloud provides to help them connect and collaborate. Join this session to explore how customers are using Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon Connect, and other AWS services to operate in a fully remote manner.

      Speaker: Blake Chism, Senior Manager, Specialty Sales, AWS

    • The Future of Remote learning: Education on the cloud (Level 200)

      Universities, schools, colleges, and departments of education have moved online quickly and at scale to enable students and staff to continue learning, working, and researching. In this session, hear lessons learned from Firefly and Blackboard on long-term plans regarding curriculum, assessment, and testing. Check out examples of how educators, students, and policy makers are evolving their outlook to scale and stay agile.

      Speaker: Jude Sheeran, Head of Cloud Innovation, AWS

    • Improving customer experience through machine learning-powered analytics in the contact center (Level 200)

      Contact center analytics today rely on phone switch activity and CRM call notes recorded by contact center agent that lack insights into actual conversations and future actionable feedback for improvement. In this session, learn how you can modernize your contact centers by use ML-powered analytics with no coding to discover deep customer insights. Discover how Contact Lens for Amazon Connect enables customer service supervisors to conduct fast, full-text searches on call and chat transcripts to quickly troubleshoot customer issues.

      Speaker: David Rosengrave, Head of Contact Centre and Cognitive CX, AWS

    • The Culture of Innovation at Amazon: Driving Customer Success (Level 200)

      Customers often ask us how they can innovate like Amazon. From its humble beginnings as a startup in a garage, Amazon has not only innovated across e-commerce but also introduced new businesses that at first glance do not seem to fit the model. In this session, we will describe how we use this model and other mechanisms to help governments innovate. Journey with us to explore how Amazon organizes for innovation with Amazon’s leadership principles, working backwards process, and two pizza teams.

      Speaker: Victoria Condron, Principle Digital Innovation Lead, AWS

  • Partner Solutions track
  • This track is for customers who are interested in learning how AWS partners are paving the way for innovation and driving transformation projects for public sector organizations. Topics include remote learning, cloud migration, transformation, and predictive analytics.
    • Transform data into insights at scale (Level 200)

      Front line workers need to track and understand the impact of COVID-19, better deploy resources to areas with the most need, communicate with the public, and put safety measures in place. In this session, learn how forward thinking organisations use self-service visual analytics techniques in the cloud to understand and make informed decision when it comes to deployment of public resources like ambulances and law enforcement personnel.

      Speaker: Ian Teoh, Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau Software

    • Using analytics to transform public transport (Level 200)

      Transport authorities completely rethought the delivery of service, from both a customer and an employee perspective, in response to COVID-19. In this session, learn how they are repurposing existing cameras within the metro stations. See how they use stream video via Kinesis to run cloud analytics on Amazon EC2 instances to provide accurate and timely commuter counts for operational planning.

      Speaker: James Kwong, Head of Product, Unleash live

    • Forging organisational cloud compliance at scale (Level 200)

      When large, highly regulated organizations shift workloads to the cloud, these environments come laden with much oversight. Internal stakeholders care about security, infrastructure, and risk. In this session, hear from Sourced’s consultants about a tool built for all relevant enterprise actors. The tool offers a bird-eye’s view of your organization’s compliance posture and support exemptions, along with event-driven notifications to ops and infra teams which triggers remediation efforts.

      Speaker: Aaron Lauer and Somnath Kapoor, Senior Consultants, Sourced Group

    • Building a protected data lake in AWS (Level 200)

      Non-structured document formats such as PDFs make it problematic to extract useful information and develop new business insights for customers. In this session, learn how Cloudten built and secured an enterprise grade data lake in the AWS Cloud for the Australian Federal Government Department to help solve the issue around receiving non-structured data. Using scalable cloud native services and leading commercial tools, Cloudten designed a platform to ingest and aggregate a wide array of datasets from distributed sources and incorporates.

      Speaker: Richard Tomkinson and Julian Hickie, Managing director, senior cloud architect, Cloudten Industries

    • Forecasting the weather with AWS Cloud (Level 300)

      Weather prediction models traditionally run on large, on-premises, high performance computers (HPC). Maxar developed a suite of architectures that reside in the AWS Cloud and allow scientists to run HPC in a much more nimble, scalable manner. In this session, learn how Maxar configured and optimized their Cloud HPC stack to achieve significant performance gains from NOAAs benchmark model, the Finite Volume Cubed Sphere Global Forecast System (FV3GFS). Learn how they created a suite of solutions ranging from hundreds of cores to over 11,000 cores, each of which you can automatically deploy and manage.

      Speaker: Dr. Stefan Cecelski, Senior data scientist and engineer, Maxar Technologies

    • Building reliable and secure online education applications (Level 200)

      Virtual learning and online examination is becoming more widespread in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Being agile and scalable in this area of operation is necessary. Ultimate Knowledge uses the AWS platform to build and host their application and scale their business in a short span of time. In this session, learn about various AWS services that can help in building and scaling an online examination application. Discover more about they reduced the costs failure and experimentation while moving to more AWS native services.

      Speaker: Tarun Gupta, Business unit head - Cloud services, MothersonSumi INfotech and Designs Limited

Level 100
Sessions are focused on providing an overview of AWS services and features, with the assumption that attendees are new to the topic.
Level 200
Sessions are focused on providing best practices, details of service features and demos with the assumption that attendees have introductory knowledge of the topics.
Level 300
Sessions dive deeper into the selected topic. Presenters assume that the audience has some familiarity with the topic, but may or may not have direct experience implementing a similar solution.
Level 400
Sessions are for attendees who are deeply familiar with the topic, have implemented a solution on their own already, and are comfortable with how the technology works across multiple services, architectures, and implementations.
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