Red Hat OpenShift on AWS

Develop, deploy, and manage container applications

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform enables organizations to develop, deploy, and manage existing, container-based applications across their on-premises and cloud environments. By implementing Red Hat OpenShift, organizations gain access to proven and powerful open source technologies, empowering developers to quickly and easily create portable applications on-demand, while leveraging the tools and languages they were using before.

This solution is supported by an AWS Quick Start and optional consulting offers from AWS Partner Network with validated Red Hat OpenShift on AWS capabilities.

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    Solution highlights: ­

    • Simplified Container Management – Easily secure, scale, and implement policy-based automation to gain better control of containerized applications
    • Hybrid Support – Extend your network to the cloud with a consistent, open-source container system across on-premises and the cloud
    • Improved Process Management – Leverage an optimal system for operations teams to develop, deploy, and manage both on-premises and cloud applications
    • Self-Service Capabilities – Accelerate time-to-market with new applications and features, while reducing administration and management costs

    Key features: ­

    • Enterprise Grade – Support business-critical, enterprise applications to improve operations, and increase stability and agility
    • Hybrid Cloud Support – Optimize application development, deployment, and management with Red Hat OpenShift’s integrated hybrid platform
    • Portable Platform – Accelerate development and deployment with seamless management of container applications across on-premises and cloud environments
    • Dynamic Platform – Support both traditional and cloud-native applications across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments
    • Multi-Language Support – Leverage the same tools, languages, and workflows your teams already use
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  • Launch

    To build your Red Hat OpenShift environment on AWS, follow the instructions in the AWS Quick Start deployment guide. Click below for details.

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  • Purchase

    RedHat OpenShift Container Platform offers a free evaluation and 30-day trial available on their website: Red Hat OpenShift Trial.

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