Reduce your carbon footprint and achieve your sustainability goals.

Sustainability in the Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is focused on efficiency and continuous innovation across our global infrastructure, as we continue on our path to powering our operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025 - five years ahead of our original 2030 commitment.

Sustainable business practices in industrial operations are more important than ever.
According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the industrial sector accounts for 36% of total U.S. energy consumption, with manufacturing accounting for the largest share. According to IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Future of Operations 2022 Predictions, by 2024, the use of data and analytics will have enabled a 3% reduction in global CO2 emissions by the industrial and commercial sectors (a net reduction of over 400 million metric tons of CO2).


Sustainability in the Cloud

The results of a study by 451 Research show that AWS’s infrastructure is 3.6 times more energy efficient than the median of U.S. enterprise data centers surveyed.

Manage sustainability data
AWS enables companies to build sustainability solutions ranging from carbon tracking to energy conservation to waste reduction, using AWS services to ingest, analyze, and manage sustainability data.
Lower cost and reduce waste
Identify areas for process improvement and mitigate consumption of Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, and Steam.

Cloud Solutions and Services

Product Carbon Footprint

Using the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) solutions on AWS, companies can automate their carbon accounting and improve their sustainability efforts. These solutions help companies manage carbon accounting, reduce costs of goods sold, and lower their PCF. Using these solutions can also facilitate increased transparency for regulators and customers.

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AWS services

AWS IoT Core lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices, and can support billions of devices and trillions of messages.
Collect, manage, and visualize energy data from all your industrial equipment sources without developing additional software. Optimize processes across your facility portfolio with insights from automatic, customizable data visualizations.
Build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models for any use case with fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows. Amazon SageMaker is built on decades of experience developing real-world ML applications.

Customer stories

Coca-Cola İçecek logo

Coca-Cola İçecek Improves Operational Performance Using AWS IoT SiteWise

Learn how Coca-Cola İçecek used digital twin to develop solutions that would improve asset optimization, enable sustainability, and avoid downtime, as well as bring more intelligence to its manufacturing processes.

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Mueller Water Products Uses Amazon SageMaker to Improve Leak-Detection Performance
Mueller Water logo

Mueller Water Products Uses Amazon SageMaker to Improve Leak-Detection Performance

By building its scalable software and data solution on AWS, Mueller could give its customers a more accurate view of critical water data, including leakage, enabling them to manage their infrastructures more efficiently.

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Vector Builds New Energy Platform on AWS
Vector logo

Vector Builds New Energy Platform on AWS

AWS and Vector are developing an IoT and analytics solution to deliver more affordable, reliable, and cleaner energy.

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Net-Zero Carbon by 2040

As part of Amazon’s mission to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, we are committed to building a sustainable business for our employees, customers, and communities. We are driving toward a net-zero carbon future where the people that support our entire value chain are treated with dignity and respect.

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Innovate with key industry partners

Palantir logo

Palantir Foundry empowers critical institutions of varying technical maturity to harness data throughout their operations and power their most critical decisions. Foundry provides seamless data management, analysis, and operational workflows atop a secure, extensible platform.

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Clarity logo

Industrial energy efficiency and process optimization software. Clarity: Resource Cloud helps companies achieve peak plant or building performance with our SaaS application and range of support services.

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Deloitte logo

AWS and Deloitte empower customers to transform their business, innovate faster, and grow ahead of the curve by combining the industry-leading cloud technologies of AWS with Deloitte’s deep industry experience, established customer relationships, and position as advisor to the C-suite.

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Siemens logo

Siemens is a global innovator focusing on digitalization, electrification, and automation for the process and manufacturing industries, and is a leader in power generation and distribution, intelligent infrastructure, and distributed energy systems. Our Digital Enterprise Suite built on AWS provides the technical foundation for our customer’s digital enterprise supporting their digital transformation.

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TensorIoT logo

TensorIoT was founded on the instinct that the majority of 'compute' is moving to the edge and all 'things' are becoming smarter. The company is creating solutions to simplify the way enterprises incorporate Intelligent Edge Computing devices and their data into their day-to day-operations.

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Seeq logo

Seeq enables process manufacturing organizations to rapidly investigate and share insights from time series data stored in any on-premises historian, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon S3 data service. With diagnostic, monitoring, and predictive analytics powered by innovations in big data and machine learning technologies, Seeq helps organizations turn data into insights that drive process improvement.

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Reinventing Energy with the AWS Clean Energy Accelerator 2.0

Amazon’s innovation and resources made available to leading start-ups changing the world. If there had been any doubt in the past, developments over the last couple of years have demonstrated how clean energy has become critical from both a policy and innovation lens.

Reinventing Energy with the Energy Accelerator 2.0 blog thumbnail
New Climate Next Documentary Episode: Driving Toward Cheaper, Greener Power with Octopus Energy

New Climate Next Documentary Episode: Driving Toward Cheaper, Greener Power with Octopus Energy

Fossil fuels have powered transportation and industry since the Industrial Revolution. To combat climate change, the pursuit of cleaner, cheaper, and more sustainable forms of energy has become essential. In episode three of the four-part AWS documentary series Climate Next, the London-based energy tech pioneer Octopus Energy uses smart grid technology to support an all-renewable system generated by solar, wind, hydro, and energy storage. 

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AWS AMER Summit Aug 2021: Amazon’s approach to sustainability

AWS AMER Summit Aug 2021: Amazon’s approach to sustainability

This session shares Amazon’s approach to innovation, culture, and mechanisms and our peculiar ways of making decisions at speed and scale. Hear how the customer, and Amazon’s customer obsession, can make anything possible, particularly in the area of sustainability and climate change. This session provides an overview of The Climate Pledge and Amazon’s commitment to sustainability and explores how we can help make the changes that are so urgently required in business and society to address some of the most pressing environmental issues.

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Technology Innovation Fuels Hope for Energy Transition

Technology Innovation Fuels Hope for Energy Transition

Climate change took on greater immediacy in early August when the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report projecting near-term climate change impacts, including extreme heat and rising sea levels, in every region of the world. The report also highlighted one piece of good news: Scientists feel more confident that reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere will help us slow global warming.

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Using Data to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Using Data to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Environmental and economic concerns are pushing organizations to move faster in reimagining how they produce and use energy. Learn how intelligent systems speed the move to clean energy.

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