Supply Chain

Reinvent your supply chain for faster delivery with AWS

AWS IoT TwinMaker

Easily create digital twins of real-world systems to optimize operations

Leverage tools like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce supply chain risks
Modern supply chains require a unified view of data, as well as the ability to independently verify transactions, such as production and transport updates. Solutions built using AWS services, such as Amazon Managed Blockchain and Amazon Forecast, provide the end-to-end visibility that today’s supply chains need to track and trace their entire production process with unprecedented efficiency.


Improve forecast accuracy
Use forecasts that are up to 50% more accurate with Amazon Forecast. Based on the same technology used at, it automatically discovers how time series data and other variables affect each other.
Improve demand planning
With Amazon SageMaker, an AI/ML service from AWS, you can improve demand planning and make more intelligent buying decisions by sensing supply risks.
Reduce inventory costs
Determine how much inventory to purchase and allocate based on more accurate customer demand forecasts using Amazon Forecast. This helps you reduce inventory costs, while still ensuring a good customer experience.
Improve capacity utilization
Easily integrate more accurate forecasting into your existing business processes to improve capacity utilization. AWS supply chain management services seamlessly integrate with your existing tools, such as SAP and Oracle Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Management Solutions

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Driver-based Demand Planning

Connect and comprehend internal drivers, like historical sales, product portfolio performance, and pricing, with external drivers, such as logistics constraints and wages, to support more robust and accurate demand planning.

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o9 Solutions

o9 Solutions offer AI and knowledge-powered planning & decision-making platform, enabling a truly Integrated Business Planning (IBP) capability for driving supply chain agility, revenue growth, and optimal financial performance.

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Guidance for Driver-based Demand Planning with o9

Architectural options for ingesting data and using AWS services in an o9 solution.

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Improving Forecast Accuracy with Machine Learning

The Improving Forecast Accuracy with Machine Learning solution generates, tests, compares, and iterates on forecasts from Amazon Forecast. It automatically produces forecasts and generates visualization dashboards, providing a quick, easy, drag-and-drop interface that displays time series input and forecasted output.

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Get started with select AWS services

Forecast business outcomes easily and accurately using machine learning
Easily create and manage scalable blockchain networks
Build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models for any use case with fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows
Automate and transform Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) documents at scale
Fast, scalable, serverless time series database
Mitigate risks and lower costs with an ML-powered supply chain application

Customer stories

We work with the industry's leading manufacturing companies who expect more from their technology partners and know that experiences speak louder than words. Learn more about the exciting ways manufacturing companies are leading their cloud journey with AWS.

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AWS and Deloitte Help Port of Vancouver Improve Supply Chain Visibility

See how the Port of Vancouver and Deloitte chose computer vision to help optimize ground operations and expedite container inspection by more effectively tracking movement of shipping containers subject to examination.

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How Kemppi took its IoT solution to market faster and saved 50% on development
Carrier and AWS collaborate to reduce food spoilage across the cold chain
Carrier logo

Carrier and AWS collaborate to reduce food spoilage across the cold chain

Learn how the Lynx digital platform, co-developed by Carrier and AWS, is designed to provide customers greater flexibility, visibility, and intelligence across the cold chain.

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Altium has brought previously disconnected islands of design, manufacturing, and supply into a cohesive loop
Altium logo

Altium has brought previously disconnected islands of design, manufacturing, and supply into a cohesive loop

Learn how Altium enables seamless collaboration that saves time, costs, and effort during the design process to create higher-yield products faster.

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Nestlé brings supply chain transparency with Amazon Managed Blockchain

Nestlé brings supply chain transparency with Amazon Managed Blockchain

Using the AWS Managed Blockchain service, the data entered at the source of harvesting is digitized to provide a full history of location, time harvested, shipping, and quality information.

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Reinvent your supply chain with the cloud as you learn how to innovate and automate supply chain processes and decisions.

Innovate with key industry partners

Discover purpose-built solutions and services from an expansive network of industry-leading AWS partners specializing in supply chain innovation through the AWS Partner Network Supply Chain Competency and the Industrial Software Competency.

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o9 is the premier AI-powered platform for driving digital transformations of integrated planning and operations capabilities.

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Infor builds cloud-based industry-specific business software that enable growth, reduce risk, support global ambitions.

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TensorIoT is creating solutions to simplify the way enterprises incorporate Intelligent Edge Computing devices and their data into their day-to day-operations

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Carrier is transforming the cold chain

By enhancing visibility, resiliency, agility, and efficiency in the cold chain, the cloud-connected Lynx digital platform will help reduce loss and support real-time decisions.

Spirit AeroSystems Factory of the Future powered by AWS

Spirit AeroSystems Factory of the Future powered by AWS

Learn how Spirit AeroSystems combined IoT technology with enterprise resource planning data, and supplier inventory data in the cloud, to create a digital twin of their factory’s current and planned performance.

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Amazon Fulfillment Center Tour with AWS

Amazon Fulfillment Center Tour with AWS

Take this Fulfillment Center tour to see how Amazon associates, robotics, miles of conveyors, advanced automation, and AWS come together to get packages to customers.

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Transforming the Industrial Landscape

Transforming the Industrial Landscape

Read this article to take a look at how industrial leaders are leveraging cloud technologies to reinvent operations.

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