Smart Products and Services in the Cloud

Focus on making your products smarter for a better customer experience, not on the infrastructure needed to make it happen.

Amazon manufactures iconic smart products using cutting edge automation, machine learning and AI, and robotics, with AWS at its core. Launch your smart, connected product with the most comprehensive and advanced set of cloud solutions available today, while taking advantage of the highest level of security.

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Enhanced customer experience

Customers want their products to be "smarter" so they can consume products/machines as a service, tailor their products to their needs and usage, and communicate with other smart products.

Improved quality

Leverage data from products/machines in the field to better understamd how customer use your products, innovate, and improve the quality of your offerings to remain competitive


New revenue streams

Move beyond a one-time sales model to new recurring fee service models, new Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) models, and new ways to monetize after-sale enhancements.   



New! Smart Product Solution

Launch your smart, connected product with the new Smart Product solution from AWS. It provides secure product connectivity to the AWS Cloud, and includes capabilities for local computing within products, sophisticated event rules, and data processing and storage.


"We’ve been able to drastically increase the amount of development we can do. Before we moved to AWS, we added maybe one major feature every six months; now it’s one every month."

- Tomas Riha, Architect

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"AWS offers powerful tools and integration capabilities that enable us to use a serverless architecture that saves us the headaches of learning to scale."

- Ben Kehoe Cloud Robotics Research Scientist, iRobot  

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"The market for smart devices in the home is flourishing, and AWS IoT services are helping us be part of that development by supporting our Rotimatic flatbread-making robot."

- Rishi Irani Co-founder and CEO, Zimplistic  

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