Run ultra-low latency advertising workloads with unmatched cost-performance

How four leading businesses optimized real-time advertising performance

Achieving optimal price performance and accelerating innovation with real-time advertising on AWS

Ad platforms on AWS

The surge in media usage and growth of streaming video continues to push the boundaries of performance for advertising platforms executing millions of ad transactions per second. AWS is the cloud standard for advertising platforms that buy, serve, and measure trillions of ads per day at single-digit millisecond latency, offering AWS and partner solutions along with the broadest selection of compute capabilities to help companies improve performance and optimize costs.



  • AWS offers more sizes and types of compute instances and the fastest processors in the cloud to help customers to choose the most cost-effective and performant instance types for high-scale, real-time workloads. Partner solutions from industry leaders such as Aerospike running on AWS Graviton-based instances can deliver tens of millions of transactions per second with up to 60% improvements in price-performance potential.

  • Expand into new markets, improve development velocity, and migrate networking-intensive, high-throughput workloads to the cloud more quickly with purpose-built solutions that enable cost-optimization and reduce heavy lifting through cloud-native architectures and services such as Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling and Spot Fleets.

  • With AWS, advertising platforms accelerate revenue growth through the broadest set of cloud partner opportunities—including greater flexibility and agility to share, enrich, and activate audiences with media partners on the most widely adopted cloud.

Vetted solutions and architectural guidance for advertising platforms, whether you prefer off-the-shelf deployments, or customizable architectures.

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