Advertising & Marketing Technology on AWS ebook

Advertising Platforms on AWS ebook


Advertising platforms running scaled data workloads typically need to ingest terabytes or petabytes per month of fine-grained data about digital events such as ad impressions or ad clicks— all while controlling costs. For platforms running ultra-low latency real-time bidding and ad serving workloads, performance and cost requirements are even more extreme. Ad tech companies must respond to partners within tens of milliseconds or lose an opportunity to buy an ad.

AWS offers multiple services, solutions, and partners that address many of these challenges for building advertising platforms running at petabyte scale and millisecond latency.

This ebook shares success stories demonstrating some of the ways companies have significantly improved performance, reduced latency, avoided bottlenecks, and optimized costs using AWS solutions for advertising platforms.

In this eBook we will demonstrate how to leverage Amazon S3 and its various storage classes to start reducing your storage costs today.

Read the ebook about ad platforms on AWS to learn how customers use AWS to:

  • Migrate real-time advertising workloads
  • Expand into new markets
  • Reduce costs and improve performance at scale
  • Improve development velocity with cloud-native best practices and architectures

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