AWS Partner Network Immersion Days

Customer workshops delivered by AWS Partners

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AWS Partner Network (APN) Immersion Days offer AWS Partners access to workshop content and tools developed by AWS Solutions Architects and packages it for AWS Partners to use exclusively with their customers. Included in this package is a full suite of event management resources, including presentations, hands-on labs, and other assets that are custom built and address key customer questions. Get started »  

AWS Partner Network

Technical workshop content

Access to presentation content and labs created by AWS Solution Architects as well as learning assets on how to deliver Immersion Days.

Usage credits

Access to AWS credits to develop new solutions or try new AWS products for your AWS customers.

Market development funds

Access to Market Development Funds (MDF) as a resource to support marketing efforts.

Support from AWS teams

Access to Partner Solution Architect(s) and virtual Partner Marketing Managers for APN Immersion Days delivery and/or marketing support.

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Get Started

  • Join the AWS Partner Network (APN) at no cost by creating your AWS Partner Central account.

    • Enroll in the Services Path, specifically designed for organizations that leverage AWS to deliver consulting, professional, managed, and value-added resale services.
    • Upon earning the ‘AWS Partner Advanced Tier’, you can apply for APN Immersion Days.

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  • In order to apply to APN Immersion Days, you must meet the following requirements:

    • Achieve AWS Partner Advanced Tier.
    • Certifications: A minimum of one APN Immersion Days Practitioner that holds at least one active AWS Certification (Associate level or higher).
    • Executive sponsorship alignment: AWS Partners must also commit to conducting ongoing APN Immersion Days and integrating the APN Immersion Days framework into existing sales, consulting, and managed services practices.
    • Once you have met the prerequisites, apply to APN Immersion Days in Partner Central > View my APN Account > APN Immersion Days Application.
    • The APN team will review your submission and reply to you within three business days.