The APN Microsoft Workloads Navigate creates a journey for APN Partners that want to build a practice for deploying customers' Microsoft Workloads on AWS.

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In Phase 1, two (2) technical individuals must complete the Well-Architected Framework training. This training takes about two hours to complete. Click on the link below to start the training. 


The Well-Architected Framework enables you to make informed decisions about your architectures in a cloud-native way and understand the impact of design decisions that are made. By using the Well-Architected Framework, you will understand the risks in your architecture and ways to mitigate them. This course is designed to provide a deep dive into the AWS Well-Architected Framework and its 5 pillars. It is broken into 6 modules including an overview of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, as well as the Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization, and Operational Excellence Pillars.

Two (2) technical contacts must complete the AWS Well-Architected Framework Training.

Modules Include: 

  • The AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • The Security Pillar
  • The Reliability Pillar
  • The Performance Efficiency Pillar
  • The Cost Optimization Pillar
  • The Operational Excellence Pillar
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In Phase 1, two (2) business contacts must complete the business training modules, and two (2) technical contacts must complete the technical training modules to advance to the second phase of APN Navigate. Click on the links below to start the trainings. 


AWS Solutions Training for Partners: AWS for Windows - Business (Digital) 

This course teaches AWS Business Professional partners about the specific benefits of moving Windows workloads onto AWS. We recommend this course for business professionals at APN consulting partner companies who have knowledge of the general benefits of cloud and AWS. Partners have the option to take this course either with an instructor or online. This course is not a technical course, nor is it a competitive training.

Modules include:

  • Why AWS and Windows Workloads
  • About Windows Workloads and AWS
  • AWS Differentiation
  • AWS Licensing
  • Case Study and Group Exercise
  • APN Resources to Help You
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Microsoft Licensing Best Practices

Best practices for licensing Microsoft workloads on AWS. The course covers three specific topics:

  • The option to purchase license directly from AWS.
  • Bring licenses covered by Active Software Assurance to AWS through license mobility
  • EC2 Dedicated Host and EC2 Dedicated Instances and various ways to bring licenses to these environments.
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This course teaches the technical fundamentals of running Microsoft applications on AWS. It is designed to teach pre-sales engineers at APN Consulting partner organizations how to discuss the technical advantages of AWS for Windows. You will learn about the various tools available to migrate, develop, build, deploy, manage, and operate Microsoft applications and Windows Servers on AWS. The course presents case studies and reference architectures to showcase how some AWS customer architectures have been designed for common Microsoft applications including SQL, SharePoint, and Exchange. This course is available in both instructor-led and web-based delivery formats.

Modules include: 

  • Overview of AWS for Windows Workloads
  • Technical Positioning of AWS for Windows
  • Windows Server and Active Directory on AWS
  • Architecting Common Microsoft applications on AWS including Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint
  • Tools for Windows on AWS
  • DevOps for Windows on AWS
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Phase 2 focuses on advanced training and resources recommended by AWS subject matter experts in a specialization area, as well as best practices for creating microsites and building a partner business plan. This phase helps APN Partners reach advanced-level knowledge and showcase their specialization via their solutions offerings.

You will gain access to all resources and activities in Phases 2 – 5 once the required number of individuals have completed the foundational trainings in Phase 1 listed above.

  • Review advanced resources from AWS subject matter experts 
  • Learn more about becoming AWS Certified 
  • Review best practices for creating the APN Partner Business Practice Plan 
  • Review best practices on developing case studies/customer references
  • Promote your offerings by showcasing your organization's service catalog and landing page 

Phase 3 provides a deep dive on the AWS Well-Architected Framework and prepares APN Partners for the baseline review for APN Technology Partners and an assessment review for APN Consulting Partners.

You will have access to the resources and activities below once the required number of individuals have completed the trainings in Phase 1:

  • Deep dive on the Well-Architected Framework
  • Demonstrate your knowledge on the Well-Architected Framework by reviewing your APN Partner Business Plan with your PDM
  • Get AWS Certified
  • Submit an opportunity with AWS 

Phase 4 measures each APN Partner’s experience and knowledge in their specialty area based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework through a review by an AWS Solution Architect or AWS Practice Lead.

You will have access to the resources and activities below once the required number of individuals have completed the trainings in Phase 1:

  • Solution or Practice Review with AWS Solutions Architect 
  • Go-to-Market Activities
  • Submitting project debrief and customer case studies 

Phase 5 helps APN Partners meet the final requirements to achieve APN Program status in our AWS Competency Program, AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program, and AWS Service Delivery Program. The deliverables in this phase include case studies, microsites, and Advanced Tier achievement.

You will have access to the resources and activities below once the required number of individuals have completed the trainings in Phase 1:

  • Developing a microsite 
  • Applying for the AWS Solution Provider Program 
  • More AWS Certified individuals 
  • Go-to-Market activities and APN funding programs 
  • Plan and execute a pipeline strategy 
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