Mastersystem Builds a Successful Cloud Business after Completing the AWS Partner Transformation Program

Executive Summary

Indonesian information and communications technology company PT. Mastersystem Infotama (Mastersystem) is an AWS Partner that began a successful cloud business after participating in the AWS PTP. The company was ready to begin selling cloud solutions alongside its traditional offerings and worked with AWS to create a customized sales and marketing strategy. In under one year, Mastersystem completed the AWS PTP, reskilled its employees, and rolled out new cloud initiatives, immediately growing its cloud customers and increasing revenue by 500 percent.

Kick-starting a Successful AWS Cloud Business

Mastersystem has been delivering traditional technology solutions since 1994 and was ready to bring the benefits of cloud solutions to its customers using Amazon Web Services (AWS). To kick-start its cloud business, Mastersystem participated in the AWS Partner Transformation Program (AWS PTP), a comprehensive assessment and training program focused on helping partners build a successful and profitable cloud business. After less than one year of receiving support through the AWS PTP, Mastersystem educated its employees and leadership about the benefits of the cloud, rolled out new cloud initiatives, and expanded its cloud customers from 0 to 36 in just a few months.

“The AWS PTP helped us develop the mindset and strategy that we needed to start selling cloud solutions.”

- Rinaldo Darmawan Susilo, Product General Manager, Mastersystem

Learning to Sell Cloud Solutions

Headquartered in Jakarta, Mastersystem provides data center and cloud infrastructure for Indonesia’s financial services, oil and gas, telecommunications, manufacturing, and commercial sectors. The company, which became an AWS Partner in 2019, entered the AWS PTP in August 2021 and held its kick-off session that September. “The AWS PTP helped us develop the mindset and strategy that we needed to start selling cloud solutions,” says Rinaldo Darmawan Susilo, Product General Manager at Mastersystem.

Mastersystem worked alongside the AWS team to prioritize its cloud and marketing strategies. Mastersystem also received support from Over the Line, a consulting group. Together, the companies created a 100-day plan to achieve Mastersystem’s business goals—including building a dedicated presales team to support sales. “Our team needed to know how to pitch to the customer, which starts with knowing what customers need and helping them identify the opportunity to move into the cloud,” says Lisa Chiarin, product manager at Mastersystem.

Growing Revenue by 500%

Mastersystem completed the AWS PTP in February 2022 and began delivering cloud solutions in addition to its traditional services. As a result of the program, 22 staff members achieved AWS Certifications, which validate technical skills and cloud expertise. “The team is now more comfortable when talking to our customers about cloud solutions and the services on AWS that we offer,” says Chiarin.

Throughout the AWS PTP, Mastersystem sought ways to drive brand awareness and to expand from serving mostly enterprises to attracting small- and medium-sized business customers. After using new marketing strategies, including hiring a dedicated telemarketing specialist, the company immediately began growing its cloud customer base, increasing its revenue by 500 percent. Mastersystem also increased customer satisfaction by more than 10 times after investing resources in dedicated personnel as part of the AWS PTP and by acting quickly to solve customer challenges.

Mastersystem is now better equipped to serve its customers using various AWS services—such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), an object storage service offering industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. “We value the guidance that we receive from AWS when working in the field, growing our team, and serving our customers,” says Chiarin.

Continuing to Build Skills on AWS

As a result of completing the AWS PTP, Mastersystem has laid the groundwork for a robust cloud business and has seen early success in winning sales. To continue developing its expertise in the cloud, the company is working toward earning an AWS Migration Competency and an AWS DevOps Competency.

“The AWS PTP has changed the game,” says Chiarin. “Our team now has more confidence to pitch to customers and get leads using AWS.”

Published August 2022


About Mastersystem

Mastersystem is an information and communications technology company headquartered in Jakarta. It provides data center and cloud infrastructure for Indonesia’s enterprise banking, oil and gas, telecommunication, manufacturing, and commercial sectors. Mastersystem has been an AWS Partner since 2019.

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