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Leverage services from both AWS and APN Partners to gain a secure and durable and backup and recovery solution.

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Organizations looking to store long-term data in the cloud are searching for scalable, durable and secure solutions, without the high cost and maintenance associated with maintaining on-premises storage solutions. AWS storage solutions are designed to provide the scalability and durability needed for organizations of any size. Amazon S3 is scalable, allowing organizations to use and pay only for what they need. AWS Storage Competency Partners leverage AWS solutions including Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier, to provide secure and efficient backup & recovery solutions for data archiving and long-term backup of small to large amounts of data.

Improved Security Posture

  • Bring data and data protection processes to the cloud at the same time to enable governance, compliance, and resiliency in your storage solution without having to maintain an on-premises infrastructure

Simplified Searching

  • Index and catalog functions make searching and retrieving your data down to the file level faster and easier

Improved Operational Efficiency

  • Faster Backup times, rapid data recovery, and reduced infrastrcture costs enable organizations to increase their operational efficiency

Built for AWS

  • Data is backed up and transferred directly from the organization's source to their AWS account

For organizations running AWS workloads, Cloud Protection Manager (CPM) from N2WS is a backup and disaster recovery solution featuring very flexible backup scheduling to ensure your most recent data can be accessed in minutes. As a cloud-native backup tool built specifically for AWS, CPM gives your teams the ability to back up data as often as needed and recover it far more quickly than with traditional on-premises backup solutions, simplifying workloads and saving your teams time and resources.

Register to our webinar to learn how Goodwill implemented CPM to protect their AWS environment from any type of outage or failure.

Webinar Topic: Learn How Goodwill Industries Ensures 24/7 Data Availability on AWS
Customer Presenter: Briley James Yetter, Director of Technology, Goodwill Industries of Southern NJ/Philadelphia
AWS Presenter: Mike Ruiz, Partner Solutions Architect, Storage, AWS
N2WS Presenter: Sebastian Straub, Systems Engineer
Time: October 10, 2017 | 8:00 - 9:00 AM Pacific Time

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Join AWS, Hatco, and Druva to learn how you can prepare your organization before the next ransomware threat strikes. In this webinar, we will discuss proactive strategies and practical recommendations on how you can protect your organization’s data from malicious attacks. Additionally, you will hear from Hatco on how it proactively protects its business from the threat of ransomware.

Webinar Title: How Hatco Protects Against Ransomware with Druva on AWS
Druva Presenter: Sarah Beaudoin, Product Marketing Manager
Customer Presenter: Aaron Bolthouse, Manager - IT Infrastructure, Hatco Corporation
AWS Presenters: Paul Sears, Solutions Architect
Date: September 13, 2017 | 10 - 11am PDT

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